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This is my personal art gallery! The images are spread over several pages and are both hand-made, digitally created, and digitally edited images taken from my comp and my sketch books. The background for the gallery pages are also of my creation! The pages have been reorganized according to subject for you. These pages are still under construction though and additional works will be added when I have time to scan them all and upload them. This will probably be done in April as I will only have one final exam and 20 days to do absolutely nothing. I might as well use that time to add more images between games of Quake 3, Baldur's Gate 2, and anything else I end up playing!

This is just the beginning of my work as I plan to go into doing professional 3D computer animation and computer graphics (hopefully working with movies, tv, games and other fun things) and I have started designing web pages. Unlike most, I am also one of the only people I know who enjoys working with html (so if you need a site and do not want to make it yourself come see me!)

A bit of a Warning: Do NOT go to either of the Live Model pages if you do not approve of that sort of drawing. The sketches were done in a university drawing course and are shown here merely as art. They were drawn of people who were present for the class voluntarily and the works shown here are nothing more than classwork.

I would appreciate it if you left the images where they are! Thank you!




























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