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july 26, 2007
My daughter is sleeping over this weekend. Her boyfriend is leaving for college, and I miss the baby so much. I haven't seen him in 2 weeks! Been having dreams about him... not nice ones though, they're really screwy...
In one of them I can't seem to feed him because the formula's too cold, or the nipple doesn't work on the bottle. And then my nana hands him to me with this big gash in his chin and says. " sorry..I dropped him while I was trying to roller skate." lmao.
She's 93 mind you, very active for 93 but not that active. lol
I told you they were strange. ;P

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july 26, 2007

I sometimes have trouble keeping it together.

I proved this today when I couldn't deal with an old man driver. I don't think people over 60 should be allowed to drive. not if they're vision is so bad they can't see the line in the road! you roll down the window and yell, "pick a lane.. any lane!!" as they coast along doing 10 miles under the speed limit, completely oblivious to the world around them.

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july 13, 2007

There's nothing quite like the aroma of human flesh, burning.

Along with my gym membership they offer tanning.
I'm claustrophobic and the bed is basically a human size microwave. It completely closes over you, leaving just enough room for your fingers to slide thru to lift it and get out.
The first time I went in, I was so nervous I was shaking. I thought, " I'll only go for 10 minutes..."
Well after about 5 mins of lying there, worrying about whether or not I'll go blind, or whether I'll be able to open the damn thing now that I was inside, or that maybe the machine will malfunction and overcook me lol, I couldn't take it anymore and climbed out! The light was so blinding, the entire room was illuminated in an eerie, violet haze.
I learned after that day, that I need to consume at least 1 beer before I go tanning. haha
And now the whole experience relaxes me to the point where I nearly fall asleep. :)

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july 09, 2007
Well I started my summer job today.
Ever notice how life, no matter how sucky, can always manage to suck more?
Making you long for the previous suckiness, which sucked so much less than the current suckiness, that your old life seems good in comparison.

Sometimes I talk just because I wish someone would tell me to shut up.

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july 05, 2007
I've been MIA for awhile..didya miss me? I never thought I'd make a new layout 'cause there's about a bijillion other things that have been keeping me busy. But I started this last night, and it all fell into place...which is a surprise because I haven't made a design in months.
Summer is finally here and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I went to the beach last week. waaaay too many people for me. I need room to lay out, but it was blanket to blanket. we sat near this family with 4 boys, little boys, not big boys ;P and the mother never stopped yapping. I was this close to saying, "Hey lady would you mind giving my ears a fucking break for just a minute!" But you know I'm far too sweet to say such things. *innocent smile* haha.
I Bet you didn't know I joined a gym? it makes me feel great to know I could snap a mans neck with my legs, lol. besides, I really don't want to die from heart disease, since everyone who's dead in my family had a heart problem.
I go back to work next week. BOooo...hisssss...BOooo
More to come. Check back soon and be easy.;)

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