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Hello all you "canine" fellows.This is my story,so pull up a your pillow,grab your favorite dog biscuit,and get comfy while I let you get acquainted with me.

I am a only "puppie".Born way back in April about the 22nd.My "Mom" usually has other "babies", but not this time.

I was supposed to go live at another dog house,but the fellow who lived there(mean old dog) didnt like me,so I was able to come back to "MOM", and "DAD".

This is a very large family I live with.There are eight other of us fine canine "adult"dogs,and just recently there were six squalling "babies" that demand a lot of attention.

My love of my life is up all hours with something she calls a "bottle" and I am left alone in the "bed" with "MOM",aunt"DAISEY","GRANDMA",some kewl fellow called"CHARLIE" and my loves fellow she calls "JIM".

I have been known to put up a "fuss" until "JIM" gets up to,so I can see where she went.

There is a big old "DOOR" I cant get through until "JIM" walks into it.

And of course on the other side of this "DOOR",is "FOOD",and I am always ready to eat.

And this is my "MOM" isnt she adorable? Short,stocky,and still has not learned to jump on any thing, and she is "old",almost five years old.

She really is smart tho,she sits on her "behind" waves her "dainty" little feet, and gets what ever she wants.

I havent learned that yet,my "LOVE" say's I jump like a yo-yo.Well It works.

And this is dear old "DAD".Among us fellows here on the floor,I hear he really likes the "girls".He lives here to but my "love" wont let him in where they sleep at night,and I am not really sure why,something about "wetting"?

I have a whole lot more to tell you,so please visit the rest of my "house", and please sign my Guestbook before you leave.Even if you are a "cat".

Oh yes where are my manners,would any of you care for a bite to eat before we go on?

Come on now,dont be shy,there is enough here for all of us.Unless of course your a "CAT" then you will have to wait until my "LOVE" makes that awful roaring noise,and opens up what she call's a "CAN".

Excuse me every one but all this talking has my mouth a little dry.Any one care to join me in a couple of "laps"of cool water?

I told those "cats" they had to wait,but I guess they thought if they "sang" supper might come a little faster.

I suppose we just might as well let them "Sing" so I can go on with my story.

Well that was a pretty "song" so now I will go on and tell you "All About Me".

Calm down little fellow,I promise you will like my story.Oh I am really sorry,I didnt realize you needed to go "out side".

Remember when I mentioned those "babies"? Well here they are,and eating all of my "chicken".I used to be the baby here,and now they take up all of my "LOVES" time.

At least I know in a couple of more weeks,they will be gone,and I will still be here."WHOOPEE".

I have added a Web Ring page for Doxie's,just like the Big people so just click on it below.


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