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- World History -
Colonial America and
The American Revolution

Benedict Arnold and John André

Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold was an early hero of the revolution. Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold were both so eager for the honor of being the first man to enter the undefended Fort Ticonderoga, that they finally had to agree to synchronize their steps and walk in side by side. In fact, George Washington called him "The bravest of the brave."

But, Benedict Arnold died in disgrace as a traitor. Arnold heroically directed American forces toward victory at Saratoga, until a bullet shattered his leg. When the Americans regained control of Philadelphia in 1778, George Washington made Benedict Arnold its military commander.

Benedict ArnoldPeggy Arnold
Left: Benedict Arnold as a Colonel in 1776.
Right: Peggy Arnold, sketched by John André in 1778.

In Philadelphia, Benedict met Peggy Shippen, the daughter of a family that was loyal to the British. The newlyweds lived lavishly and spent much more than they could afford. In 1779, Arnold was court-marshalled for using his post to enrich himself. He was cleared of most of the charges but he was mad. With thoughts of revenge, Arnold sent a message to John André, a British major, who had kept company with Peggy during the British occupation of Philadelphia. Benedict Arnold told André that he was ready to help him defeat the American cause.

Arnold persuaded Washington to name him commandant of West Point in August 1780. Seven weeks later, Arnold met secretly with André on the banks of the Hudson River. The pair agreed that Arnold would give up the plans to West Point for 10,000 pounds sterling. André set off for the British lines, but three American scouts stopped him and searched him, finding the plans in his socks.

Patriots Capture John Andre
The Patriots Capture John André

When Arnold heard that André had been captured, he escaped to the Vulture, a British warship. The Americans hanged André as a spy, but Benedict Arnold was never caught.

John Andre
John André was hanged in Tappan, New York in 1780

Arnold joined the Brits and fought against his own countrymen. After the war, Benedict Arnold moved to England, but he never got the honor or wealth that he expected and died at age 60, a lonely and bitter old man.

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Colonial America
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Problems and War in Colonial America
The French and Indian War

The Stamp Act and Sugar Act,
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The American Revolution
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Benedict Arnold and His Pal, John André

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