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- World History -
Colonial America and
The American Revolution

War - The American Revolution
The Turning Point

Saratoga, New York
In early 1777, John Burgoyne responded to an invitation from the king to test the strategy he had been advocating: "Conducting the War From the Side of Canada." General Burgoyne marched south from Canada only to meet with Horatio Gates and a much larger force on a field near Saratoga. Americans, under Horatio Gates, surrounded the British. Sir John Burgoyne and the Brits surrendered.

Sir John Burgoyne
Sir John Burgoyne

This impressed Europe, and showed that the Americans might be able to win. Benjamin Franklin had been in France since the start of the war trying to drum up money.

Ben FranklinMarquis de Lafayette
Left: Benjamin Franklin. Right: Marquis de Lafayette

France now sent money and soldiers. France spent a lot of money. (This will help lead to the French Revolution.) Marquis de Lafayette was a real stud, and he was only out for glory.

Winter at Valley Forge
Winter at Valley Forge, 1777 - 1788

American forces settles in at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777 - 1778. While the patriots sufffered "little less than a famine," as George Washington wrote, the British soldiers enjoyed lavish dinners in Philadelphia, about 20 miles away. With the news that spring that France would help them in their fight, the Americans celebrated.

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Colonial America
The First Settlers:
English Stock Companies, Pilgrims, Puritans

American Colonies:
New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, the Carolinas, Georgia

Why Did They Bring Slaves?

Problems and War in Colonial America
The French and Indian War

The Stamp Act and Sugar Act,
The Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party

The American Revolution
Lexington and Concord, Paul Revere,
The Battle of Bunker Hill, the Continental Army

The Declaration of Independence

The Turning Point of the American Revolution

End of the American Revolution - Yorktown / Treaty of Paris

Benedict Arnold and His Pal, John André

Articles of Confederation, Constitution, the Bill of Rights

Historical Periods of
World History Class Study

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| Ancient Egypt | Greece | Rome |
| Medieval History | Renaissance and Reformation |
| Exploration | National Monarchies |
| The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment |
| Colonial America and American Revolution |
| The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era



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