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When others tell me that they don't believe in angels...

I look into their eyes and smile....

As I believe angels are everywhere... all around us..among us..

You may not see halo's hovering over the top of their heads...

Although, you see the brilliance of their love reflecting beauty from


You may not see wings attached to their backs... fluttering in the winds...

However, you see and feel their spirits soar like eagles...

They are there with a kind word..

a helping hand....

a listening ear... and an open heart....

I believe that angels come in so many forms to reach out to us...

In my eyes the ones who do not believe are ones deceived by all

the skepticism of the world..

I say... look around my friend...

Angels are among us...

As in my eyes you are an angel....You are my earth angel..

Sent from above...made with love...

I'm so thankful for the blessings, you my friend, have bestowed upon me...

My friend... My earth angel...

Written by: ~Vee~

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