I've scanned in some artwork...Mainly from the ALIEN PREDATOR Universe cards that were out a whille back...Here are some of the coolest...

Book: ALIENS:Colonial Marines issue 2
Date Febuary 1993
Artist :Robert Mentor
Synopsis: Private Carmen Vasquez joined the maines and is working  hard to become as tough as her legendary big sister. But she's on a mission that will bring her face to face with a terror that even her sister didn't have to face - the bug men, Genetically combined half-breeds of human and alien.

  "How do you like your eggs cooked sargent?"
  Does this picture rock or what..?

Date Spetember 1990
Artist: Denis Beauvais
Synopsis:General Spears understood that the queen was in contact with th alien drones. He attempts to use the lives of the queens brood in order to gain her "cooperation". With the queen under his domminaton the gerneal feels he would be able to control the aliens

Date Spetember 1990
Artist: Danis Beauvais
Synopsis: Newt , Hicks  and General Spears destroy the millitary outpost
now infested with aliens. The general plans to return to earth, bringing a squad of his new "soldiers" with him.
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