Here is a colection of some the finest alien sites on the web.  Those of you who are interested in link or banner exchange  Contact the colony administrator for details. Have a look at my neat banners here at the LV-426 banners&buttons

The Harry Haris Aliens Collection and Archive - This site is truly mamouth.Lot Lots and lots of info and reference pictures...simply huge

United States Colonial Marine Corps Network : Site dedicated to the USCMC, Lets move it out marines!

Aliens Collection - Awe insiring wealth of pictures,props,merchandise as well as a great site for news and infomation on the aliens saga...Check it out!

Alien collectors homeworld... just about everything on aliens merchandise you could think of...

U.S.S Sulaco - -Lots of good stuff

CIachos's Alien WebPolish Alien Site with some very cool animated gif /sounds pictures...etc..A large amount of info there..
: http://www.aliens.bilbo.com.pl

Flags Lone Wolf OutpostRick Buckinger's alien web site, alot of photos of props (Pulse rifles, SGs, huggers, bursters etc) as well as edited photos of  him being stupid with props.=) Take a look!

The Alien Saga- Looks great, lots of info. One of the more creative sites I've seen...


ALIENS CENTRAL- Great Looking ,well set out site. , Lots of interesting Info...Check it out..=)

Aliens NL- Dutch Site, Very Interesting stuff...Lots of info on the missing scenes ietc..

The Aliens Online Encyclopedia- A huge resource of infomation on everything you could want to know on the aliens universe... Like what an Alterean poomtang is..

ALIENS TC : Diehard is working on a ALIENS Total Conversion for DUKE NUKEM..Check it out =)

Wierzbowski Hunters - A Tribute to Cannon Fodder ..   - A quite bizare site..traking down every last sighting of Wierzbowski......See if you can find him...


www.avsp.net - Info on the Alien vs Predator PC game from rebellion maps,cheats,enhancements.etc
www.foxinteractive.com- Official Alien vs Predator site

The Alien vs Predator TOP 100- Ranking of the Top 100 AVP sites around the web.. See where my site is located.

Merchandise/Model Kits

EVA Models- This guy has made scaled pulse rifles for use with 12 inch GI-Joe figurines ...and they also sell a USCM space marine model kit, extemely detailed ...worth a look.!
: http://members.aol.com/M56SG/uscm.html

Golden Armour

These guys have got pulse rifles, Motion trackers , marine armour etc for sale ..check it out!

If you'd like to see a link to your site here,  email me and Ill make it so....Cheers!...

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