Here I have placed most of the  Games I know about.. If you know of an alien related game that isn't listed here Please email me !


ALIEN for Atari 2600..


A fair few people have emailed me about broken links regarding these games. The roms are correctly linked however tripods severs are very, very weird. To download DO NOT RIGHT MOUSE CLICK AND SAVE. Click on the file link and you will be taken to a tripod page with something like "to download click on the following link".. You may have to try it a few times.. but,  it'll work, Trust me! :-)  If you have any probs email me !

for the Commodore 64
made by Paramount
Date :1990

This game is an alien inspired game (not licensed). The soundtrack features some alien samples, quite impressive for a C64 game.  Its an first person perspective RPG style game.(one of the first fps games ever!).. Your space ship is stranded on a distant planet. Select a member of the crew and repair your space ship.. and be warey of "Aliens" That inhabit the mining complex nearby... This game is quite litteraly an alien rip off.. But very well done I might add. It plays a little slow (due to disk swapping) But can become quite aptnospheric and engrossing. Worth a try! ...Also contains some excellent Presentation screens...
Like this one
                    hmm that planet looks familar?

Download the Disk Image
Get the Commodore 64 Emulator Here!
CCS64.ZIP (951k)

Alien FOR Commodore 64
made by Argus Software
Date :1984

This is an RPG style game on the Commodore 64..You control all the crew of the nostromo... even Jonesey is here. There are incinerators and the mission is to detonate the engines and make it to the shuttle... that is if mother allows you to launch.. Pretty cool game although if anyone can escape please tell me.... MOTHER won't let me

Download the Disk Image

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CCS64.ZIP (951k)

ALIENS for the C64 (U.S Version)
by Activision
Date :1986


Okay this game kicks mega butthole... Follows the movie quite closely .Piloting the dropship , rescuing newt and the cool power loader battle is superb.... The graphics and sound are quite good (for a c64 game that is!).. Why not Download it and check it out for yourself...

Trouble playing?

Download the Disk Image

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CCS64.ZIP (951k)

ALIENS for the C64 (European Version)
by Electric Dreams
Date :1986

This is the european version of the c64 game. Differing somewhat for the U.S version,you control the characters from the tactical operations bay. Some truly tense moments in this game... I have not yet got very far in this game.. Can anyone give me some more info on this?..

Download the Disk Image (154K)

Get the Emulator Here!
CCS64.ZIP (951k)

ALIENS-The Arcade Machine
by Konami
Date :1989

I just found out that mame supports this arcade game....I played this in the arcades and this was wicked!. .It has a 2 player mode some pick up weapons (flame thrower, powerloader_) and lots of weird alien creatures to shoot.... This game rocks

Aliens Arcade machine Flyer Artwork

Download the ROM (1611k)

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This Game requires a M.A.M.E  emulator version 36 beta3 or later
It can be downloaded from

ALIENS 3 for Megadrive/Genisis
By Acclaim/Probe
Date :1992

Differing from the SNES game in game play, Rather than having missions this game has a level/arcade style structure. Fun but definitely not in the same league as the snes version..

Download the Rom

Download an Emulator (349k)

ALIEN 3 for GameBoy
By Nintendo/Acclaim

This game is completly different to any other if the versions of the ALIEN 3 game. While there is weaponry in this one , it follows the plot a little more closely. This game is so much fun!. Walking around Fiona Fury collecting cattle prods and access cards , looking for the switches to the fans so you don't get minced when crawling through the air ducts. Its excellent! Top fun..


Download the Rom

Download an Emulator (38k)

ALIEN 3 for Super Nintendo....
By Acclaim/Probe
Date :1992

This game is awesome ! one of the reason I bought a snes... Iin the movie ALIEN 3 you have one alien and no weapons ... In the video game you have ooh..say a zillion aliens and all the weapons you could ask for!...Firona fury is infected ...ripley goes round doing missions like welding doors,rescueing prisoners (from aliens) and killing alien queens. bears little resemblance to the movie...but WHO CARES!  IT kicks ....Excellent Graphics & sound effects plus some cool revamped music taken directly form the movies..

SNES ALIEN 3 Level Codes & HInts

Download the rom here
Get an emulator here!
Znes 0.953 (317k)

ALIEN 3 - The Gun
By SegaDate :1993
I remember this game when it came out . The cabinet was so impressive!. With two mounted Pulse Rifles this game was the coolest.. Based on the third film (very loosely). The game starts on board the sulaco and follows the EEV to Firona Fury 161.. A operation wolf style Shoot-em up style game.. Worth playing if you can find a machine out there.

ALIEN VS PREDATOR (for Atari Jaguar)
by Atari/Rebellion
Date :1994

Jaguar Box Art

I saw this game on the cover of computer and video games in 1994 and I was ready to go out and BUY a Atari Jaguar!. I've read great reviews about this game. Ive never played it though. The game is set in a marine base where most of the troops have gone of on maneuvers leaving just a few handful of troops behind. Discovering an abandoned ship with (you guessed it) just a few xenomorphs on board , You send out a distress signal  which (fourtuately) is picked up by your marine buddies... However so does a passing predator ship... UH Oh! You can guess what happens next .!You can play all three of the characters. (the predator ,alien and marine). bit better than doom. Ahead of its time...

          AVP Artwork
by Capcom
Date :1994

Released by Capcom in the summer of 1994, Alien vs. Predator is loosely based on the movies _Alien_ and _Predator_ and is the latest of the Final-Fight genre games. The setting is San Drad, California,the largest city on the West Coast. The Weyland Yutani Corporation is developing biological weapons. An emergency situation occurs, and in 72 hours, San Drad is overrun by Aliens. Incredibly outnumbered, two heroes, Dutch Schaefer and Linn Kurosawa, fight the Aliens in a losing battle. And when all seems lost, Predators materialize and side with the heroes to join in the "Hunt".

ALIEN TRILOGY(for PC and Playstation)
by Acclaim/Fox Interactive
Date :1995

This game was made a few years back by Fox interactive and follows the story of the alien movies(very losely I mite add). A sort of First person perspective shooter. A sorta doom clone but a bit better....

by Rebellion
Date :1999

Whos that is the Mirror?

This game for pc is awesome... Play the as the marine ,the alien or as the predator... Use all those cool predator things an automatic sholder cannon... infa red vision...Sneak up on unsuspecting civilians and puncture there skull using your two sets of teeth... avoid sentry units.... Plus play as the marine with pulse rifles (sweet!) , smartguns(killer sweet sweet!) a motion tracker that really works!.

More information on the ALIEN vs PREDATOR video game




Great little utility for starting AVP , with lots of options to change like motion tracker speed , cheats , pre load models ,  screen size etc..
I highly recommend this proggy...

DOWNLOAD Alien VS Predator Launcher (230k)
Requires the PATCH 98 for avp + the game..
There are several demos of the game  avalible...

Download the Alien Demo (29.6 Megs)

Download Mirrors

Download the Predator Demo (47.6 Megs)

Download Marine Demo  (21.5 Megs) from:


If anyone knows of anymore video games that aren't listed here please email me!

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