Okay to use the cheats and command lines options you must download the patch which fixes some bugs (yada,yadayada).
You must change the shortcut/comandline to "avp-exe -debug" then you can go to the console and type these cheats and stuff in...You may have to delete all existing shortcuts and type it in dos prompt...

Get the Patch From


Took me a whille to get this to work but I typed MARINEBOT a couple of times and I had a couple of marine freinds to help me on missions. The bots arent terribley bright. Its so much fun whatching a bot shoot an alien and kill a couple of friends in the process. Sheer Madness. I had a few aliens in the room and a marine armed with a flamethrower fired , igniting everyone else ,who went running around screeming for a whillle..MAyhem!

                         Bot console commands:

"ALIENBOT" - creates an Alien in front of the player.
"MARINEBOT #" - creates a Marine (or civilian) of type #.
"PREDOBOT #" - creates a Predator of type #.
"PREDALIENBOT" - creates a Predator-Alien.
"PRAETORIANBOT" - creates a Praetorian Alien.
"XENOBORG" - creates a Xenoborg.


"MOTIONTRACKERSPEED" - allows the player to speed
                                                      up/slow down the pulse rate of the Marine's motion tracker
                                                       (range from 0-16, default is 1)
"TIMESCALE #" - change the rate at which time flows in the
                                  game, e.g. "TIMESCALE 0.5" will make time pass at half the
                                 normal speed. For those interested, the "JohnWooMode" cheat
                                 uses this effect dynamically, so that time passes slower the
                                 more action is happening on screen.
"WIREFRAMEMODE #" - display the environment and/or
                         characters using wireframe graphics
"DOPPLERSHIFT #" - enable/disable the Doppler shifting on
                                        the Alien player's sounds.
"SKY_RED #" - change the red component in a sky.
"SKY_GREEN #" - change the green component in a sky.
"SKY_BLUE #" - change the blue component in a sky.
"LEANSCALE #" - change the amount the camera tilts when


"GOD" - makes the player immortal: player will still take
                   damage, but will not die when they reach zero health.
"GIVEALLWEAPONS" - gives Marine and Predator all
                         available weapons.
"GIMME_CHARGE" - restores the Predator's Field Charge to
"SHOWFPS" - displays the current frame-rate per second
"SHOWPOLYCOUNT" - displays the number of rendered
                                             polygons per frame on-screen.
"LIGHT" - creates a light source near the player. Repeated
                    use makes a brighter and brighter light.

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