Species : Xenomorph Larva "Face hugger"
                Stage 1
Status : Specimen Collected Awaiting Return to Company Labs

We have become aware of a curious creature which would make an excellent addition to the company's  bio-weapons division. We have collected several specimens from the derelict site for return to the company labs and analysis.

It's life cycle begins  with a  larva we have given the nickname "Facehugger" due to its behavior.  It begins life from a lathery object or egg and has both carbon and silicon based characteristics

It appears to have eight digits with a long lathery tail used primarily for attaching and limiting the hosts oxygen supply. Its main purpose seems to be that of impregnating hosts . This is done via attaching itself to a  "hosts" mouth or orifice and a tube is placed down the throat where embryo implantation takes place. This may take place over many hours or days. Its main defense mechanism is concentrated molecular acid which it uses for blood. It is capable of penetrating most substances.

The creature strangely manages to keep the subject breathing whilst inducing a "coma". After implantation the molecular acid neutralizes and the organism removes itself from its host and dies.

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