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Frequently Asked Questions


This might help you if your having trouble in UT

CD_ROM file reading problems:
When installing UT from the CD, oddly enough some systems will allow corrupted files to be installed without relaying any CD-read-error messages. So data is copied to your hard drive with read-errors, but for some reason no warnings appear and everything appears to have installed OK.

Here's the fix - copy everything from the CD to the hard drive, (you may want to run scandisk first to make sure there's nothing wrong with the hard drive) then install from the hard drive to the final destination folder. You'll still need the CD in the drive for playing of course. Also, please make sure you do this new install into a clean (new) folder, not on top of any existing UT or UT-demo content.

Q: When is Unreal Tournament coming out?

A: It's out! Go get it already! ;)

Q: Do I need a copy of Unreal to play Unreal Tournament?

A: No. Unreal Tournament is a standalone game that uses a modified version of the Unreal engine.

Q: Is Unreal Tournament a multiplayer only game?

A: NO. Unreal Tournament sports a single player experience just as intense as its multiplayer. Check out the Single Player section of "Gameplay" for more details.

Q: Is the Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali compatible with Unreal Tournament?

A: Yes

Q: Where can I find the latest technical information (i.e. patches, updates, etc.) on Unreal Tournament?

A: We'll regularly update this site with the latest info available, but another good place to check is Unreal's Tech page over at Epic's site. The url is http://unreal.epicgames.com.

Q: Do I need any special tools to make levels for Unreal Tournament?

A: Just the version of UnrealEd that ships with the game. If you're a map or mod maker, be sure head over to http://www.mplayer.com and check out the Mod Contest we're (GT Interactive and Epic Games) are running with them...over 100,000 clams in cash in prizes

Q: I'm having technical problems with my copy of Unreal Tournament, what should I do?

A: Head on over to http://www.gtisonline.com and locate the Unreal Tournament page. Odds are, they've already discovered your problem and posted a solution for it. If not, you can email one of GT's helpful tech support reps. In addition, be sure to keep an eye on http://unreal.epicgames.com,the official Unreal / Unreal Tournament tech site.

Q: I want to license the Unreal / Unreal Tournament engine?

A: We just handle the website for the game (Epic's in North Carolina, the web people here are, uh, NOT in North Carolina). If you'd like to license the Unreal engine, head over to http://www.epicgames.com and eke out the appropriate contact information.

Q: I've got a great idea for a game I want GT to publish, can I send it to you?

A: If you've got a design document in place and a team of programmers, artists, level designers, etc. ready to go, then contact the Manager of A&R at dadams@gtinteractive.com. If this isn't the case, then you'll need to do a little more work before we can help you.

Q: I'm stuck in the game, can you help me?

A: Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to field all the requests we get for game help. Your best bet is to head over to any of the Unreal-dedicated fan sites (like http://www.planetunreal.com) and hunt around for them. Or, you can head on over to our tech support site (http://www.gtisonline.com) and take a look around there (the thing to keep in mind about the tech support site, though, is that tips and hints are an added bonus there...it's NOT their primary gig). Of course, you can always head over to http://www.gtstore.com and order the official UT strategy guide when it becomes available. And - lastly - you can call our 900 Hint number at 1-900-225-5248

Q: I want cheats!

A: Go to tips and cheats section.

Q: What can you tell me about Unreal 2?

A: Just that Legend Entertainment has been contracted by Epic Games to make it. Oh, and GT Interactive is publishing it. Nothing else is known at this point.

Q: Who developed Unreal Tournament?

A: Epic Games

Q: What are Unreal Tournaments preliminary system requirements?

100 MB HD space
PCI Local Bus Video Card
Win 95/98/NT
CD-ROM drive
Win 95-compatible sound card
TCP/IP (for Internet play)

Q: Do I have to have an Internet connection to play Unreal Tournament?

A: Nope. UT sports a robust single player experience.

Q: Does Unreal Tournament have all of the latest Unreal patches and updates?

A: Yes. Unreal Tournament will ship with the 222 patch in the box. This patch provides TONS of improvements, not the least of which is its boost in online performance.

If you still have some trouble or need help with UT then please e-mail me or icq me. I will try to get my own message board so this could be solved more easily.