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MechWarrior 3 Expansion Pack: Pirate's Moon

Zipper Interactive
ESRB Rating:
P200, 32MB RAM, 2MB Video RAM, 4x CD-ROM Drive, 150MB Hard-disk space + 200MB Swap File, DirectX Compatible Sound Card
P400, 64MB RAM, 16MB Video RAM

Graphics: 4.0
Pirate's Moon boasts impressive textures, lighting, and special effects in both hardware and software mode.

Sound: 3.0
The sound effects--lasers, missiles, etc.--are above average. No real improvement over MechWarrior 3 can be heard.

Control: 4.0
Mech-control remains the same as MechWarrior 3. With the exception of the new Elementals that control a lot differently than a mech would.

Tech: 4.5
From the time you install to the time you finish all the missions, you won't find this expansion pack stumbling on the track. Provided you meet the system requirements.

Multi-Player: 4.0
Pirate's Moon fixes the latency issues MechWarrior 3 experienced. And the new modes of play really add to the replay factor.

Fun Factor: 4.0
Pirate's Moon is entertaining on and offline. The single player missions are both challenging and fun, and multiplayer is a blast. More maps would've been nice; four just isn't enough.

Rogue Spear: Urban Operations

Red Storm Entertainment
Red Storm Entertainment
ESRB Rating:
Full version of Rogue Spear, PII233, 64MB RAM, 300MB HD, 4MB D3D video card

Graphics: 3.5
Aging engine could use a rebuilding, but the textures on every level are unique and more immersive than any Quake level ever was.

Sound: 4.0
Not much that's new, but you'll crack up hearing the terrorists screaming "Grenade!" even after your last man goes down. Those terrorists sure do love new freedoms.

Control: 3.0
Precise aiming is still oddly jumpy, but with a little practice becomes transparent.

Tech: 3.0
The engine's as grumpy as ever - irritated by some video drivers and especially the evil task switch.

Multi-Player: 4.5
An impeccable new set of terrain to wage war upon.

Fun Factor: 3.5
Short but sweet, you'll certainly get a challenge out of this one.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


It was the talk of the show (and the PS2's saving grace) at this year's E3, and now the DVD version of the MGS2 trailer has hit the offices. You're all dying to look at the screens, so this preview will be short: Metal Gear Solid 2 kicks ass. With Hideo Kojima back behind the reins and some of the most impressive graphics tricks ever seen on screen, this new MGS is destined to be a masterpiece. Feast your eyes on shattering glass, splashing raindrops, bursting bottles, and more than enough visual variety to make your head spin. If the same awesome action/tactical gameplay of the first MGS backs up all the delicious new eye candy, Konami has a built-in hit on its hands. Konami hasn't set a release date yet. Just remember, Solid Snake's BACK!!


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-Top 10-
1. Unreal Tournament
2. Counter Strike
3. Armada
4. The Sims
5. Age of Empire2
6. MechWarrior3
7. Quake3
8. Rogue Spear
9. Ground Control
10.Covert Ops

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