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Just so you won't be bored i came up with Cartoon of the Week. Check it out!

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UT Humor

You know when you've been playing too much UT when...

- Every time someone dies in a movie you hear the announcer saying "head shot",
or "monster kill".
- At work you tell your boss "I've got your back"
- Got arrested for climbing the flag pole at your local post office.
- The cables for your monitor, keyboard and mouse reach all the way to the
- You drive through town, thinking how cool it would be if someone made an exact
replica of it for UT...
- You discover that standing still is no longer a part of your primary
- You seriously consider "Headshot" as an appropriate name for your little
- You just walk over things instead of bending over to pick them up.
- Your wife and kids left u at some point, but you're not exactly sure when...
- You have an almost irresistable urge to steal the flag from McDonald's.
- When u need to get into the attic, u catch yourself looking for the
Translocator instead of the stepladder.
- You reach for your Enforcer and dodge forward out of bed as soon as u
"respawn" in the morning
- You try to buy a Rocket Launcher on Ebay.
- Planet Unreal is your start page.
- You know Cliffy B's home adress and have never met him before.
- If u see ANY flag, uget to urge to snatch it, run home like hell and shout
"cover me"
- Nobody calls you by your real name anymore.
- You buy a cell phone only because people can no longer reach you due to
marathon UT sessions online.
- Your pressure your fiance to include your UT nickname as part of her married
name. "What's wrong with Sarah Michaels-Fragmeister? Oh, c'mon, you're just
being silly...why don't you care about the things I care about...?"
- Playing UT is starting to interfere with how much time you can spend in bars.
- Sex? Just two more flag runs, and after I frag this $@#%! sniper that keeps
nailing me...
- You search for secret doors in your closet, hoping to find a shield belt.
- You get lag in real life.
- You only speak in UT taunts.
- You try throwing CDs at someones neck to try and get a headshot.
- Every 15 minutes or so your vision goes blue and the word LOADING appears in
front of you.
- You're disappointed when you put your trainers on and they don't let you jump
30 foot in the air.
- You break into a state of chronic depression when you find that UT keeps
- You fall off a building and think if you write 'Ghost' or 'God' on a piece of
paper everything will be fine.
- You try to turn Autotaunts on in real life so you can speak automatically.
- You frantically clamor for the F9 key when something cool happens in front of
you in real life.
- You can do a PERFECT imitation of the announcer, Xan and Male AND Female
voices, and quote them often.
- You run around the office looking searching for biospooge ammo to donate to
your boss in hopes that you can gain freedom. Slavemaster anyone?
- You order Health Vials at McDonald's instead of Big Macs
- You make your house in UnrealEd.
- You have a toilet built into your chair in front of your comp so no one takes
the flag while you're in the washroom.

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