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Guest Appear.



I know many of you won't believe this, but before there was a Howard the Duck movie, he was a comic book character.

In most ways the comic book was far superior to the film, in respect to tone and approach of the character. In my opinion the comic book is as good as the movie is bad :)

I am listing the books here with infomation about the creators and the people behind the books. They are in order of appearance, first with the earliest appearances in the Man-Thing comics, to Howard's own books in three separate volumes and then the guest appearances (it is noted that the guest appearances are in chronological order).


Related Comics

There have been many books created over the years which you could say are second cousins to Howard, and a Howard web page would not be complete without them.


Newspaper Strip

A newspaper syndicated newspaper strip ran in the late 70s at the peak of Howard's popularity.

I will run these strips daily...................I hope:)