My name is Paul Dickey. I currently work at Idaho State Univeristy in the office of Workforce Training as a videographer. When I created this web site I lived in Massachuesett and worked as a real estate appraiser. I relocated to the Idaho in 2004 and continued to be employed as a Real Estate Appraiser till 2010.

The idea of this web site started with my purchase of "FrontPage 2000" in 2000. My original intent was to construct a web page for my appraisal business.

Since I had never constructed a web site before I decided to create a very small personal web site, which is now no longer available. My experiment taught me the basics of web page construction, but I knew I wanted to try something a little more challenging. Not sure what subject to tackle, my brother suggested "Howard The Duck". After all, I had already managed to accumulate the knowledge and the material, and at the time there was no one else out there with a site dedicated exclusively to the subject. Originally, my idea was to build a modest site, but as I became more involved with the process, it just seemed to grow and take a life of its own. I am very happy with the results, and I have learned much about web building along the way.

My site has now been posted for more than seven years. Who would have guessed that my small project to teach myself web building would amount to a web site that has been visited by thousands and thousands of "Howard The Duck" fans, worldwide. Every day, the e-mail keeps rolling in.

I have to admit I've kinda left the page unkept for a number of years recently. This has a little to do with a new job and the preceived lack of interest in Howard. However, due to the recent post credit appearance of Howard in the Guardian of the Galaxy movie and the rerelease of the Howard the Duck Omnibus I find my interest renewed. Also in the last few years social media has surged and I will be incorporating that into the site as well. I hope to keep a steady schedule of maintaining the site.

If you have any questions on "Howard" or any comments or questions regarding comics in general, please feel free to e-mail my address: icon1icon2icon3icon4

Thank you for your kind attention.