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"Since its establishment in 1945, the Shanghai Theatre Academy has trained and nurtured more than five thousand and contributed significantly to the arts and cultural development in China. As the President of the Academy, I am very proud of the great achievement of the Academy, and sincerely believe in its future.

"Over the past 50 years, the Academy has experimented and developed its own unique methods of training and education and has formed a strong group of experienced faculty. The curriculum is designed to focus on practical training and theoretical education of theatre and drama, as well as covering areas of film and television. At the turn of the century, all the students and faculty at the Academy will be well prepared for the new era with hard working spirit and great energy. I believe that the Academy will be able to welcome the challenging 21st century with the new achievement."

Rong Guangrun
-- Professor Rong Guangrun,
Shanghai Theatre Academy

  FOUNDED in 1945         One of the highest theatre educational institutions in China
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