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Teaching Activities

The Experimental Theatre

The Shanghai Theatre Academy is comprised of five departments:

  • Department of Acting
  • Department of Directing
  • Department of Stage Design
  • Department of Dramatic Literature
  • Department of Television Arts
These departments offer the following 9 four-year courses:

  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Stage Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Costume and Make-up
  • Interior Design
  • Dramatic Literature
  • Arts Editing
  • Television Editing

Also offered are the following four graduate courses:

  • Drama
  • Film and Television Literature
  • Study of the Arts of Acting and Directing
  • Study of Stage Design and Technology
The Academy aims to be an institution with multiple disciplines in order to meet the demands of society.

For 50 years, the Shanghai Theatre Academy has produced professionals for theatre, film, television and fine arts. A great number of these professionals have become the backbone of arts and theatre in China. The Academy also makes a great effort to help the development of arts in minority regions such as Tibet and Inner Mongolia.

To meet the needs of development and to enhance the academic quality, the Department of Television Arts was set up in 1993. Television Editing, Arts Editing, and Decoration Design are the three courses offered in the department. An evaluation system was set up to judge the curriculum and the credit system has been adopted. About 100 optional courses are also provided for greater stimuli. The Academy is managed by a strict administrative system that has control over the curriculum and teaching materials. New recruits are required to pass strict examinations to retain their student status at the end of the first semester. The school also set up a Center for Continuous Studies, offering courses to both professionals and amateurs.

The Academy is equipped with advanced facilities:

  • The Experimental Theatre is a first class modern performing center
  • The Black Box Theatre and the Small Theatre offer ideal spaces for practice and experimental theatre
  • The library has the most comprehensive collection of books on theatre in China
  • The computerized Costume Design Lab and Lighting Design Lab offer excellent facilities to students

  FOUNDED in 1945         One of the highest theatre educational institutions in China
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