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Practical work is essential in training actors. For fifty years, plays written and performed by both the students and faculty have attracted large audiences.

In the fifties, plays such as Much Ado about Nothing and The Miser had impressed audiences with their high artistic achievement. In the sixties, The Young Generation, a play written by Chen Yun and performed by the Teachers' Art Group, won acclaim throughout the Performancescountry and received an award from the Ministry of Culture. The Princess Wencheng performed by the Tibetan students was a huge success in Beijing. In the eighties, The Physicist, Titus Anduonicus, Hamlet, etc, attracted attention in the theatrical circle. Romeo and Juliet performed by the Tibetan students won yet another award from the Ministry of Culture. Yun Xiang, written by one of the faculty members and performed by the students, was awarded at the 1989 Shanghai Culture and Arts Festival. The Black Steed, adapted by students from the Department of Dramatic Literature and performed by the Mongolian students received an award from the Chinese State Education Commission.

In the nineties, the Shanghai Theatre Academy has again become the center of attention both in China and abroad. In 1992, Lady White Snake and the Shared Kitchen were invited to participate in the Singapore National Art Festival and were hugely successful. In 1994, Da Pi Guan, written and performed by students and the faculty, was invited to the Alice Alternative Theater festival in Tokyo, then in 1997, toured six cities in Britain as academic exchange performences, and gained equal success.

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