K-rok's Backstreet Stories
Welcome to my site. These are fictional stories that I have written that involve me and my net friends and of couse the Backstreet Boys.  My first five stories were all about kidnappin' the BSB, but believe it or not (for those of you that know me) there are a few stories that I have done recently that do not have a kidnapping plot to them. *L*
I hope you enjoy my stories and please sign my guestbook(s)!!!!!!!!!
And remember K.T.B.S.P.A.!!!!!
Kidnapper Stories
 Pizza Delivery!
 Let's Have A Party!!!!!
 Dancin' The Day Away
 Walking Dogs At Disney
Slumber Party
Holiday Stories
 Radio Contest
Backstreet Singles
 A Brian Story
 Non-Kidnapper Stories
 Backstreet Babes Meet Backstreet Boys

I have a few friends who also write some stories involvoing the BSB. I think they are really cool. (even better then mine) So, check them out, too.

Jen's Stories
 The Best Laid Plans
 A Nite Out
 The Discovery
Jadey's Stories
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