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It was a Dark and Stormy Night...
Emily C. A. Snyder


The Suspects (clockwise from top left): John Willoughby, Isabella Thorpe, Lydia Bennet, William Elliot, Henry Crawford, Frank Churchill, George Wickham

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By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes!

Welcome to Combe Magna mansion, home of Mr. John Willoughby of Sense and Sensibility fame - but his normally quiet home is about to be disrupted by seven other villains.

Welcome Isabella Thorpe of Northanger Abbey, Lydia Bennet and George Wickham from Pride and Prejudice, William Elliot from Persuasion, Henry Crawford from Mansfield Park and Frank Churchill from Emma.

It's gonna be a killer party....

Willoughby Before you see whodunnit, please put on your guard and meet the villains!

Mr. John Willoughby, rogue, scoundrel, suave and debonaire, with sideburns to kill for. He has a propensity for finding damsels in the rain and carrying them long distances. Some call it abduction, others amour. As owner of the estate, he is of course entitled to do what he likes...but could that include murder?

Isabella Thorpe Miss Isabella Thorpe, recently of Bath, lover of Gothic novels - a notorious flirt. With good looks to recommend her, this is one belle dame sans merci...but is she also one to follow in the ways of the horrid books she reads?

Henry Crawford Mr. Henry Crawford, rogue, scoundrel, suave and debonaire, with shockingly familiar sideburns. He's been recently disappointed in love and can make himself quite unpleasant when he doesn't get his way. Even now he's en route to ruin a married woman. If he'd kill a reputation, would he stoop to kill a person?

Frank Churchill Mr. Frank Churchill may seem like the jovial fellow, but beneath the amiable exterior lies the heart of a liar, a manipulator and a cad. He has no qualms about stealing young ladies' hearts - and it's not likely he'll have any qualms about stealing their lives as well.

Mr. Elliot Also know as "The Weasel," Mr. William Elliot is a smooth character with an eye on expanding his wealth. Now that he's failed to gain the heart - and estate - of his cousin in Bath, will he turn his deadly charms toward the other women?

Mr. George Wickham, and his young wife, Mrs. Lydia Wickham, nee Bennet Ah, the newlyweds - surely they haven't murder on the minds! But he is an infamous thief, liar, gambler and womaniser, and she...well, let's just say one body or another is pretty much the same to her. Separately, they're fatal - but together...?

Have you a guess already who will live and who will die and who will fly to hysterics?

Was it the host? A guest? Did the butler do it?

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