These links are an ever growing compilation of what are, essentially, my bookmarks. I've attempted to break them up loosely by category but otherwise they are listed in no real particular order. Happy surfing!


Steve Ray's "The Defenders of the Catholic Faith"
This is an incredible website, boasting not only a Studies and Writings page, but also an extremely active bulletin board, and extensive links list, and several other goodies. People of all walks of faith are welcome, and participate freely on the board. Naturally, though, the focus of the site is for Catholic Apologetics (explaning why Catholics believe and do what they believe and do). The page is nicely laid out in frames format, making for easy access to the whole.

New Advent Catholic Links
Best described as a "Catholic Links Hub," New Advent is the home for the Catholic Encyclopedia, Catholic Answers, the Vatican, EWTN, and an on-line version of the Holy Bible (for those of us with cumbersome Bibles, and limited briefcase space, bookmark this page! - it's really helpful when one's reading religious tracts that fling about uncited verses...and besides, wouldn't you keep His "loveletter" nearby?).

Catholic Answers
Although the format is a bit grating on the eyes, Catholic Answers (the website of the radio program and apologetics ministry) is a wonderful place to start for "user-friendly" (a.k.a. Non-Ph.D.ed-Theologian) Catholic Apologetics. The site utilizes a search engine, for easy access, and includes both text and realplayer answers.


C. S. Lewis: 20th-Century Christian Knight
One stop shopping and mega-links to one of the best authors of all time!

The Republic of Pemberley
A board I regularly frequent, The Republic of Pemberley is a "haven in a world programmed to misunderstand obsession with things Austen." The site is basically a compilation of discussion boards, ranging in interests from Jane Austen's novels, to a movies, books, fanfiction and rambling. There are several links to other related site, not the least of which is "The Mysterious H.C.'s Jane Austen Information Page." If you think you might be staying around for a bit, please visit the newcomers board and introduce yourself - or else a very nice, but very firm Pemberlian might remind you to do so!

Pride and Prejudice Paradise
An awfully funny page that boasts several "didyouknowisms" about the 1995 miniseries. Particularly check out her pages for those who obsess over the film...perhaps a tad too much!

Dante's Divine Comedy
As I write this, I am containing myself from jumping up and down. Some wonderful person has put not only the entire Divine Comedy on the web, but has hypertext it, with a search engine, and access to several artists' illustrations! Just remember, it's named a Comedy because you're supposed to get out of the "Inferno!"

What's not to like about Amazon? Buy books.

OK...well, maybe there's something not to like about Amazon. For rare books, their prices can be a bit much. But that's why there's Bibliofind...

ABE: Advanced Book Exchange
...and ABE. Subliminal message! Buy more books.

My Amazon Reviews
And, hey, while you're buying books and looking balefully at your wallet (and wondering whether you've run across a subliminal message recently), why not take a look at a reviews I did for Amazon? (Ah, ever the Oxford Scholar am I!)


The Christian Fandom Home Page
Another page that attempts to draw together the best of Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy. For more, feel free to check out the Guide to Christian Fantasy.

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine
I highly recommend Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine as well as her Sword and Sorceress anthologies. MZB, may God rest her soul, was a wonderful mentor and editor, and those who now carry on the magazine and anthology are likewise. Both publications tend towards the subgenre of "Sword and Sorcery," although they have been including more "Urban Fantasy" stories lately. Keep in mind that the guidelines are rather strict - make sure you look them over thoroughly before submitting to the magazine. Best of all, of course, they have bought two of my short stories (Yaaay! FWAH! Dance of Joy! Dance of Glee!): "If We Shadows Have Offended" for MZBFM, vol. 46 - which won first place for that issue!, and "Better Seen Than Heard" for Sword and Sorceress 19 (debuting in 2002).

SFF: Science Fiction and Fantasy
This is an interesting site which boasts several valuable links, but serves primarily as a message board. Quite a few well-known authors in the genre frequent the site, and have their homepages linked to it. Enjoy!

Phantastes: Journal of Fantastic Fiction
Phantastes is a scholarly e-zine, published quarterly. The articles are often interesting, if not excellent, to read, but the bulletin board is negligable. E-zine also includes interviews. Issues are thematic.

Fantasy, Fairytales and Folklore
Another e-zine, this one a publisher of stories, poems and artwork. The publisher was kind enough to buy one of my poems for the May 2000 issue, so check it out! (*Note* - you do have to pay to read the magazine, however, there is a free tour.)

You may have noticed the neat-o links at the bottom of my home page, referring to this "exotic land" strangely labelled Ardeon. Well, rest assured, it's just a bunch of amateur and professional Fantasy writers, poets and artists who like to have miscellaneous links floating around the web. As with most of these links, the content on those pages do not necessarily agree with what I promote.

The Science Fiction (and Fantasy) Writer's Association - a helpful guild for authors!

Victoria Strauss' Home Page
Author of both fantasy and articles, Victoria Strauss' webpage is an excellent resource for writers concerned about the nuts and bolts of publishing and promoting, as well as scams. Her regular article, "Writer Beware", located at the SFWA site (see above), is an ongoing record of publishing scams exposed.

Teresa Edgerton's Home Page
One of the most phenomenal writers of fantastic fiction, Teresa Edgerton's home page is a well-laid out compendium of the work behind her novels. For more on her bibliography, also look at the Christian Guide to Fantasy ~ In a World of Their Own.

Robin McKinley's Home Page
One of the most breathtaking authors in the English Language, and reknowned author of retold fairy tales, Robin McKinley's page is a treasure-trove of essays and insights. For more on her bibliography, also look at the Christian Guide to Fantasy ~ Once Upon a Timers.

Patricia Wrede's Worldbuilder Questions
Patricia Wrede is an excellent, excellent novelist (who also dabbles in mixing Regency and Fantasy! Check out her hard-to-find books, Mairelon the Magician and its sequel Magician's Ward through any of the Literature links. If you've the time, I also highly recommmend *sigh* her incredibly difficult to find and exorbitantly priced novel, Sorcery and Cecelia. Well worth it, all!) - and now we know why she's so good. These questions are fairly comprehensive, and give a good starting place for worldbuilding, THE crucial element of Fantastic Fiction. The page is poorly laid out, but don't let that deter you.

Jonathan Fesmire's "Introduction to Fantasy"
This is the "sidedoor" to a friend's, Jonathan Fesmire's site, and - interestingly enough - the page that first caught my attention enough to write to Jonathan. His contention is a common one in the world of Fantastic Fiction: that "magic" (which, I know, I know, I have to define in "Political Fantasy" et al) is the key element to Fantasy. When I get a bit of time, I'll address this issue specifically. My many thanks go out to Jonathan, and others, who have challenged me to defend my somewhat...original...definition of the genre.

Encyclopedia Mythica
An excellent on-line source for those niggling questions like, "Was Vertumnus a Roman or a Greek god?"

Fairy Tales - Origins and Evolution
An interesting site, dedicated solely to Fairy Tales and their roots. Rather extensive - my hat's off!

Don't have time to read it all? Try Book-A-Minute! (And to see movies in a minute or less, check out their sister site, Movie-a-Minute!


Ambassador Alan Keyes' Webpage
With the coming of another Presidential campaign, it's crucial that we, as citizens of the United States of America, vote intelligently, for the betterment of our nation, and most especially in accordance with God's will. To learn more about why I choose to support Ambassador Alan Keyes in his campaign to reclaim the United States for our Creator, please click here.

+JMJ+ The Snyders Homepage
A page in progress for my family - which I'm rather proud of (both the family and the page). Note: above leads you to the splash page I made for them. If you want a faster loading page, you can go straight to the homepage. And while you're there, do sign my father's GUESSbook - he'll really appreciate it!

Franciscan University of Steubenville
My alma mater! Franciscan University of Steubenville (hereinafter referred to as "FUS" or "Steubie-U") is a wonderful wonderful wonderful university - a preeminent example of Catholic Higher Learning. Their focus of study is, naturally, theology and philosophy, but their other courses are excellent as well. Where else can one major in Drama with no fear of compromising the Faith? Where else can one participate in the Great Books Program with no fear of Marxist or Liberal views ever being imposed? Where else can one participate in the Household System, wherein we grow in our walk with the Lord by covenanted brother or sisterhood? Those four years of life are the ones which greatly form the adult person - why not form oneself in a place the Lord Himself has blest.

Weird Al's Homepage
Perhaps I oughtn't put these two side by side, and hopefully in a while I'll rectify this odd juxtaposition, but, hey, after a long night of term-papers, sometimes it helps to "Dare to the Stupid."

The Ohio Theatre Alliance
Professor Shawn Dougherty, one of my wise mentors at Steubie-U, is the current president of the OTA, which - among other activities - also holds open auditions for both acting and tech positions in the Ohio area.

Waiting for Dating
The beautiful WFD site is owned and maintained by a very good friend of mine, Lauryl Lane, whom I met through the Republic of Pemberley. Also check out her Always Austen page. Hey, I'd say courtship and the Regency go hand in hand!

And if you've a moment, drop by the cyberville of the most wonderful Swedish Pemberlian (and another excellent writer) I have regular chat-contact with, Linnea Anglemark!

Heather Marie's Home Page
Yet another Pemberlian, and this time from Utah! HM is an fellow writer - make sure you check out her photographs and bookshelf!

Tilneys and Trapdoors ~ A Webpage, by a Lady
Yet another Pemberlian, Mags, whose magnificient site dedicated primarily to Jane Austen - and, even more specifically to the "Cult of Da Man", a.k.a., Henry Tilney of Northanger Abbey fame - this site also includes a bulletin board, and several pieces of excellent fan fiction.


Home Biography

The Symposium ~ A Web Forum for the Literally Inclined The Christian Guide to Fantasy Mirror of Glory


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