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Latest review (Fall 2000)! Robin McKinley's Spindle's End, available at Twice Upon a Timers.

Also.... Updates a la Colleen McAndrew on the Science Fiction Page, and the entirety of the new Alternate History Page!

And.... Updates a la Anne Pelrine on the Young Adult page - Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising Sequence.

It's Here! Review of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Year 4)!

Want to discuss Harry Potter? Join us at Phantasmagoric Miscellanea - a web based bulletin board for discussion of the Christian Guide to Fantasy.

Due to what seems to be a growing interest in Christian Fantasy, I've begun to compile a list of books that fit this description - as well as books that you should stay away from. As always, feedback and critique are more than welcome! And, please, if you know of any good Christian Fantasy books or links, do not hesitate to let me know!

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More "chapters" will be coming soon. If you've a review of a book you'd like to see up here, please e-mail me, indicating whether you would like your e-mail address included with your by-line. Thanks ever so!

Still think that all this worrying about Wiccans is nothing? Check out eluki bes shahar's opening chapter for Borrowers of the Moon, a realistic novel chronicalling what it's like to grow up pagan. Very enlightening.

Part I ~ Reviews
Table of Contents/Essays/Appendices

I. Tolkein and the Several Dwarves
High Fantasy Authors, such as Eddings, Goodkind, Jordan, Brooks, and of course, the man himself!

II. In a World of Their Own
The great worldbuilders, such as Kay, Edgerton and Volsky.

III. Young at Heart
Updated (9/24)! Fantastic Fiction for Young Adults, including Narnia, Prydain, The Enchanted Forest, and yes, Harry Potter. It's Here!! A Review for HP4!

IV. Once Upon a Timers
The Original Fairy Tales, from Aesop to McDonald!

V. Twice Upon a Timers
Updated! The Modern Retellings and Original Fairy Tales, including Beagle, McKinley and McKillip!

VI. Of Mercs and Men
Sword and Sorcery Authors, such as Lackey, Jones, and Marion Zimmer Bradley.

VII. Through the Looking Glass
The fascinating world of Alternate Reality, including Wrede, Stevermer, Norton and bes shahar.

VIII. The Way it Was?
New! And it's sister genre, Alternate History, including Connie Willis, and many more!.

IX. The Final Frontier
Updated! Science Fiction books, including Orson Scott Card and Douglas Adams!

X. Theoretically Speaking
Fantasy on fantasy, reviewing the reviewers, from LeGuin to O'Brien.

Part II ~ Essays
Table of Contents/Reviews/Appendices

I. Magic, Middle-earth, Merlin, Muggles, and Meaning:
A Christian Reading of Spells and the Supernatural in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, and in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter books ~ by Stephen D. Greydanus, noted apologist and author.

II. Knights in Shining Armor: the Ideal of Christian Knighthood
A study of King Arthur and Don Quixote in comparison with the knightly saints Francis and Maxmillion Kolbe ~ by Colleen Anne McAndrew, editor and author.

Part III ~ Appendices
Table of Contents/Reviews/Essays

I. A Glossary of Terms
A quick glossary of terms...such as "high fantasy," "sword and sorcery," and "worldbuilding"!

II. The Hierarchy of the Arts
And for all you visual people out there, a chart, detailing how the glossary is broken up.

III. Fantasy Links
A list of Fantasy Links that I've compiled.

IV. Free-for-All Links
A place where you can post your own link, whether affiliated with the arts or otherwise!

V. Christian Fantasy Gallumphing Poll
Wuffling our way through the Genre's Tulgy Wood. Take a moment to cast your vote!

Ratings Key

for literary quality

for Christian morality






age appropriateness
(ages x and up)






Each novel or series of novels is rated three ways (see above). The first rating, with stars, is for its literary quality. I.e., how well is it written, and/or how much has it affected/contributed to the genre of Fantasy.

The second rating is the "Christian" bit of the "Christian Guide to Fantasy" - namely, how does the morality of the novel jive with the Truth? Some excellently written books may be hideously immoral, and vis versa. Excellent therefore means that the morality of the novel is all in line. Good means that the morality is mostly in line, but may be a little shallow in parts. Harmless generally means that the morality follows the Natural Law, or is not dealt specifically dealt with at all. Dangerous means that some questionable elements of a- or immorality have found their way in, whether explicitly of implicitly, and therefore readers, especially parents, are cautioned to read with care and analysation. Offensive means pure poison.

Lastly, the age appropriate rating. This is dependent on the previous two ratings, as well as the spiritual and mental development of the person. However, keep in mind that when something is rated "Children," is means that the novel is appropriate and can be enjoyed by all ages - not just children. The rating is for the minimum age and up.

Ratings are, of course, a guideline and not an absolute - but they are a necessary guide as well. Feel free to contact me (geesh - I'm sounding like a broken record! % }) if you violently disagree with a rating for a novel - just be sure to back your argument! Thanks!

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