My Hobbies
I don't have any imparticular hobby, but I enjoy reading, writing and drawing.
So if I had to say which one is my favorite it would be a toss up between drawing and writing. I love to doodle and draw all kinds of things and would definatly love to attend an art college sometime in the near future to see if I could further and improve it, the same would go for my writing, I have infact had an offer of doing a home course on poetry which I am seriously considering doing. It would be great to become a known poet and my own publisher. So keep your eyes peeled you never know it just might happen.

I do read alot, mainly horror thriller novels and occasionaly the old romance novel but not the kind where you know what is going to happen by the time you've finished reading the first page, hence the reason why I don't read them very often.

Another of my pass times other than reading, writing and drawing aswell as caring for my pets is gardening. I enjoy getting out there and planting to watch the outcome of my work. A yard with out a flower garden is like a person without a soul of which I can say I've met a few people in my time that seem to be just like that, it has to have life.

Below are a few of my drawings that I have done, I shall have to do some more as I haven't done so in a while.....

This is me looking a mess drawing something, I can't   Charcoal drawing I did of an Iris,
remember what I was                                   my best drawing I think.
me drawing something            my drawing of an Iris

Here's the first portrait I ever drew..ahh    Here's an unfinished drawing of a sheepdog-
                                                                                      I have yet to finish...uhoh.                                                                                     
first portrait i drew.                drawing of dog       

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