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My Pets
My pets, hm where do I begin.
Well first I'll begin with my 3 puppies, Bruno, Aztec and Shep. They are Golden Labrador cross Siberian Husky, and they all look like black labrador's. The boys were born on December 8th 2000 and when my husband and I first went to see them and pick them out they were tiny little bundles, I was shocked when we went back 2 weeks later to collect them and take them home with us. They had grown alot in such a short time.

We've already had our fair share of worries with them, all three were ill not too long ago and had to stay in pet hospital.... it was a very worrying time as we didn't know if they would be ok. After numerous blood tests and other tests our vetinarian provided us with an answer Corona Virus.... not very nice and if not treated straight away it can be fatal. So we thank our lucky stars and our vetanarian that my 3 boys are still well and healthy.

They most certainly are a lively bunch, they are constantly outside running riots now that the warmer weather is here, so I'm grateful for the spacious yard we have. They love to be sprayed down with the garden hose, which my neighbour accidently started them off with whilst he was spraying his yard he overshot and hit into my yard much to the boys delight. So now everytime I go out to water the yard the boys are there waiting for their turn, tails wagging and barking impatiently..... they are so funny and very adorable.

Then we have 2 new additions which are the most cutest little kitty cats i've ever laid eyes on. We've only had them for 3 days but they have settled in well and taken over the house I think.. Once is long haired and black so we have named him Midnight and the other is short haired white with a large patch of silvery grey on his head so we have named him Apache. Midnight we've found has quite a character, he has already discovered my curtains and loves to claw his way up them, while Apache loves to play he is alot more quieter than Midnight. Well as time goes on I shall keep you informed on how Midnight and Apache grow and what they are like.
Next are the Anoles and Gecko. I have 4 Anoles and 1 Gecko, although they don't do much to keep one entertained they are quite fasinating to watch, more so during their mating season. The males chase the females around like crazy and bop their heads up and down while they puff out the dewlap, quite an expidition to watch. As for Mr Gecko, one is privaleged to see him out and about, mainly because they are nocturnal and very shy.
Well the only other pet or animal I have in my household are tropical fish a 5ft tank full to be precise. Now they are entertaining and relaxing to watch but as for personality well fish are fish in my expertise.... but they are very pretty and colorful. It's nice to sit and watch them and have a quiet peaceful evening.