Heather's Drawing of the Month Presents:

Drawing of the Month for May 2001!

This is my original character, Isue (pronounced ee-soo-ay). Nobody can say his name right, I tell you! It's not Eye-Soo! It's NOT ISHY!! SO THERE!! Anyway, the storyline for this one is kinda weird. It's about people who get caught in a certain predicament. Um... okay, it involves weird experiments on kids who get stuck in a prison. It's supposed to be a juvenile deliquincy center, but they are allowed to stay in co-ed rooms (SCORE!! -_-() and the guards, etc don't treat people with the authority and respect they are supposed to. In fact, they are rather sub-human and don't hesitate for a moment to punish someone deserving (or not deserving) what's coming to them. So yeah. That was really choppy and stuff, but I can't talk about it yet because it's not done. Isue's the geek who likes hard rock, plays guitar, wears 3-inch thick glasses, steals cars, owns a sweet motorcycle (Ok. Maybe he stole that, too...) and lugs around a 3 1/2 foot gun named Rosalind. When he went to get the name engraved on it, they put it on upside down ^_^

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