Megan's Drawing of the Month Presents:

Drawing of the Month for August 2001

This dude's name is Augen. He is eyeless. That is funny because his name means "eyes" in German, and he doesn't have any. That really isn't very funny. Well, he cleverly uses those sunglasses of his to hide the fact that he has no eyes. He is form a story I'm writing, "Piano Gengakki", which means "Piano Strings". Yep, there's a reason behind all this. I'll write more about that later. (maybe not. Watch, this will never get updated.)

Email me or something. Tell me I suck. I don't care. ME! TELL ME STUFF!! Hmm. . . if you steal. . . guess what? Then I shall do something even more threatening than I have for the past however many months. I SHALL TIE YOU UP AND LEAVE YOU IN A DESERT! Okay, that's scary enough.

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