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Little Information about Evgeni...

This is a basic biography of Evgeni (aka Zhenya).

I will also add competition news here.
November 6th, 2006: Evgeni claims in a recent interview that he WILL compete next season!
June 15th, 2006: Evgeni became a father! Maria gave birth to their son. Originally, his name was Kristian, but it was changed to Egor. Congratulations to the happy couple!
March 14, 2006: Evgeni has decided not to take part in the World Championships, and intends to get some rest while he's busy toouring and such. Best wishes to him!
There is no definite answer whether or not he will stay eligible or turn pro.
February 22nd, 2006: A late addition, Evgeni is now the Olympic Champion, becoming the fourth straight Russian to win this title. Congratulations. See my competition review of his free skate for my true feelings on this.
He also has won his 5th European Title and his 7th National Title. He's becoming a regular Michelle Kwan! Best of luck to him in the future. He plans on staying eligible.
At Bofrost Cup, 2002, Evgeni had this to say about the Moscow hostage crisis and the terrorism in the world (In Russian, translated through an interpreter):

"It doesn't matter where it happens. Whether it is in Moscow, Russia, United States or Japan. We are all humans, and it is a sin what those people did. I just want to give my condolences to all the people who were hurt. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are, whether you're American or Russian."


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Stats and Other Info:

Basic Stats:

Full Name: Evgeni Viktorovich Plushenko

Main Diminutive (nickname): Zhenya

Birthday: November 3, 1982

Birthplace: Khabarovsk, Russia: a place by the railroad tracks, barely a villiage. Moved to Volgograd when he was three. 

Hometown: Volgograd until age 11, then moved to St. Petersburg, where he now calls home.

Hieght: 5'11"

Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg) (note: this information may be inaccurate)

Coaches: Alexei Mishin 1993-present,
Mikhail Makoveyev 1986-93

Choreographers: Not sure who is doing his programs this year.
Two dancers from the KIROV choreographed his programs from 2002-03.
Evgeni choreographed CARMEN himself.
David Avdish, 99-? I believe he still works with him
Evgeny Serezhnikov ?-?
Edwald Smirnov ?-?

Competitive Status: Eligible

Homeclub: SKA-5

Began Skating: Age 4

Major Accomplishments
2006 Olympic Champion
2006 European Champion
2006 Russian National Champion
2005 European Champion
2005 Russian National Champion
2004 Grand Prix Final Champion
2004 World Champion
2004 European Silver Medalist
2004 Russian National Champion
2003 Grand Prix Final Silver Medalist (by default though haha)
2003 Skate Canada, Cup of Russia, Trophee Lalique champion
2003 World Champion
2003 Grand Prix Final Champion
6-time Cup of Russia Champion: 99-05 (longest-running record in CoR! Congratulations!)
4-time Nations Cup Champion: 99-03
2002 Olympic Silver Medalist
2002 Russian National Champion
2001 Goodwill Games Champion
2001 World Champion 
2001 Russian National Champion
2000 Russian National Champion
1999 World Championship Silver
1999 Russian National Champion
1998 World Championship Bronze
1998 Goodwill Games Bronze
1998 Russian Nationals, Bronze
1997 Jr.World Champion

Future Competitions:

In a few weeks Evgeni will decide whether or not he will compete in the World Championships in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He does plan to stay eligible, so we'll see what he will do next year.

Famous Quotes:

"Without figure skating, I'm nothing."

"My goals are simple. I want to win everything! If there's something out there to win, I want it!"