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This page contains links to Plushenko websites, skating sites (informative mostly), skating role-playing games for those who are interested, my other website, and sites that are some of my favorites. Enjoy! LINKS WILL OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW so that you can still look at this site if you are not finished here.

Plushenko websites:

There are a few Official sites for Evgeni, but this is the one from his management.

photos at

My friend Ulli's website, you can find my poetry about him there.

lovely interview with Katia, in Russian and English (scroll down for English)

Maya and Mayaaw's Lemonvodka site

Various interviews!

Nice site by Arte

Evgeny Plushenko Online, Official site, in English and Japanese, by Harumi

A site owned by a friend of Evgeny's, in English and Russian. Look for me in the forum!

Fantastic site by Petra! Plushenko is the King On Ice

Official site by Sherrie!

wonderful site by my friend Louise

Akiko's Official website

A Piece of Excellence

Anastasia's Zhenya comics!

Plushenko photos, as well as other skaters

Skating Sites

Figure Skating Photographs for Sale at Well worth visiting often!

Golden Skate, your source for everything skating!

Competitive skating FAQ! excellent source if you want to understand what's going on in the sport!

Skating and Issues relating to it

Excellent glossary of skating terms, and how they aredone!

Site for adult skaters who are just starting for fun: my friend Lisa owns the site

TV Schedule for Skating competitions, skater appearances and movies!

Skating Fiction Mailing List

Skating Message board

Excellent resource for skating links, info and anything else you want!

Skating Animations!

Informative site on the technical stuff!

Cute cartoon-like drawings of Plushenko and others!

Message Forum for skating fiction writers and readers!

Russian Figure skating site!

Skating Dreams, one of my favorite role-playing games!

My site:

My Site for hte Last Imperial Family of Russia