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My Senior Picture, taken summer 1999

So whose bright idea was this page anyway?

Well it was me, Angela Rabatin. Here's a little about me just in case you guys reading are interested. Feel free to e-mail me at

Thanks for viewing!

Happy Birthday to Me!
The Big 2-1, Aug. 27, 2003

My full name is Angela Nicole Rabatin, I enjoy singing, dancing, writing, reading and ice skating. I really excell at the first four though haha. I will be twenty-two years old in August and I live in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania in the good old USA. I am a writer in my spare time, and I love to make up figure skating routines. My routines are much better than my skating, I hope to get them noticed someday.
I have a friend who is a junior skater who is interested in my ideas. He wishes that I choreograph for him when he turns senior! Those of you who watch the show "Switched" may have seen him. He met the great Alexei Mishin a few times and has even worked with him. He was even invited to Petersburg, but that kind of fell through for now. Who knows though, he may be the next big thing!

Please feel free to e-mail me with your comments, questions, suggestions, even submissions. If you have a site, I will check it out and link to it. If you have quotes about Evgeni please feel free to send them to me. I'm always on the lookout for international (outside the US) quotes about him.
I might start making a page on the great Alexander Abt, as well. Since his unfortunate groin injury, and announcement of retirement, I feel I should make a tribute for him, as he is also one of my favorite skaters. 


You can also catch me on AOL Instant Messenger as AnyaAng.