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T H E   C R E W

My name is Dan Bourque, and while I've built many models over the past 15 years, this is my first serious model railroad.  I've moved around quite a bit, so I've always had an excuse to keep designing and postpone building.  I'm grateful, though, because I learned a lot from every trackplan and by helping my friend, Stu, build his L&N layout. 

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My wife, Angie, and I getting ready to board the train through the Royal Gorge

I could not take on a project of this magnitude without the help of several good friends.  The three who have been there every time and built the majority of the benchwork are Stu, Nathan and Robert.  All three are building layouts here in Colorado, and all of us help eachother out when we can.  Stu models the L&N in Kentucky, Nathan models the Rio Grande over Tennessee Pass, and Robert models Rio Grande around Chama in Sn3.  I also have to mention Patrick.  Patrick is a good friend and another displaced L&N modeler here in Colorado who showed me just how easy it is to handlay track.  Besides the regulars, we've got an extended network of great modelers here in Colorado who have all helped out: Frank, J.R., Bob and Seth. 

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The Building Crew - Stu, Nathan and Robert

Needless to say, I've got a great pool of operators in town who are also great modelers--I think that will dramatically cut down on accidents caused by rough handling of kitbashed and scratchbuilt models!  Okay, I'm still a little worried about Robert since he doesn't know that tracks should be 4' 8.5" apart. . .

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have any questions about the layout, or even better, subscribe to the Coalhaulers list on Yahoo Groups by following this link

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