Lij Island

Go on, take a peek at this eye candy!


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fantasy time methinks

Here's Elijah Wood's gallery page. If you're not already drooling (shame on you!) then you definitely will be by the time you take a glance at these pics! (and that's a guarantee!)

We have our three main guys, obviously, each with his own gallery and Lij gets the first one ~ ain't that just the sweetest?

So, go on, stay a while, enjoy...and then check out the other dudes' galleries!!! ;)

it wasn't me!

Well, I suppose if you do happen to have the most gorgeous eyes the world has ever seen then it might just be okay to use them to your advantage!!! (above and right)

You know, most people think Lij is only cute because of his huge, luminous eyes - but I don't.

Well, obviously I think he's gorgeous, but not just because of his eyes, take these pics for example:(left and below) you can't see his eyes that well...but he's still SO fit!!!


but then again...

Autumn never looked so good, eh?

dum dum de dum...dum dum de dum.....

tee hee! he's got teeth!

Well, maybe we could pretend the shirt's not there.....

*Passes out drool buckets* I think you'll need these! *~G~*