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This site is run by Arwen and Galadriel, for Dominic Monaghan, Elijah Wood and Viggo Mortensen. We'll post as much info and news as we can, and we hope you'll visit the site regularly!

Yeah, we'll strive to bring you the hottest pics, the juiciest goss and all the stuff you never really wanted to know about these fine manly specimens, but that we hope you find interesting anyway!

Please look around, please tell friends and please come back. But most of all, enjoy yourselves and these blokes as much as you can!

As a little side-note, on my Orli site I got a post saying all the fans did was drool over the pointy eared wonder. We do drool over him and Dom and Viggo and Lij, but we wouldn't if they weren't great actors. Respect to them people, they're brimming with talent!

One more little thing that I thought might interest all you Orli freaks..... you ready?
Right then, if you truly are an Elfboy fanatic then you'll already know he grew up in a little place called Canterbury. Well, guess who lives in Canterbury? Enough said, eh?

Arwen - the mission is under way! I'm trying to find some Billy pics...this may take some time!!! Oh! there we go!!!

Billy, Dom and Orli....what more could a girl ask for???

Lij and Billy looking damn fine!

FotR Poster

I know, I know! Yes, you can clearly see Lij, and YES you can even see Viggo, but....hey, wait a minute....where's Dom?

I really do apologise, I still think he rocks - and he IS on this poster, I promise. Well, you see those three small dudes on the left *you might need to get closer to the screen!* he's one of them!

I think I'll leave you to work out which one! Anyhow, deepest apologies, all will be made up for in Dom's gallery though! ;)

*Looks hard at the poster* Aww come ON Galad! I mean...? There's NINE in fotr, maybe someone would like to inform the uh, the poster makers of that... I like Liv and she's brill but...not as good looking as the hobbits!! Arg! I'm off to Dom's Shrine, maybe there's a few good pics there. And do we have any spares of Billy at all?

Is that enough Billy vision? OKAY! So I kinda chose ones with Lij, and Dom and Orli in (once again, Viggo'cs being rather anti-social!)

But I hope you enjoy them anyhow!!!