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The Chinese say jade is good for the health, with the ability to draw sickness from the body. With time and wear it is said to change color. Bring the magic into your life.


A lovely piece of jade, cut and polished to bring out the joy of Buddha. 5" x 3"1/2 x 2"1/2

Jade Buddha

$ 180.00


Delicately cut dragon heads adorne this beautiful jade incense burner. Even the chain loops are cut of the same solid piece. The cap is removable and the piece is fully functional. it measures, 5" x 4" x 4"1/2.

Jade Incense Burner

$ 268.00

Jade Bangles 2

These are a set of pale white translucent jade bangles, measuring  3" exterior diameter.

Pale White Jade Bangles

$ 30.00/pair


These large bright colored jade bangles are thick and measure 3"1/2 exterior diameter.

Natural Bright Colors

$ 18.00/pair

Jade Bead Bracelet

These soft green jade beads are lovely. Pull the strings to tighten the bracelet.

Adjustable Beaded Bracelet

Adjustably beaded Bracelet

$ 26.00/each


This is a darker less translucent piece of Jade but a larger piece. This one measures 7" x 2"1/2 x 4"1/2

Jade Buddha 2

$ 200.00

Jade Bangles 1

Lovely dark green jade bangles measuring  3" exterior diameter.

Jade Bangles

$ 56.00/pair

Jade Bangles 3

These are a set of pale white translucent jade bangles with other waves of natural colors mixed in, measuring  3" exterior diameter.

Colorful Jade Bangles

$ 28.00/pair

Jade Bead Bracelet

These soft green jade beads are lovely.

Jade bead bracelet

$ 38.00/each


This type of decoration was traditionally worn around the belt of a mans cloths. This is a about 160 years old.

Traditional Mens Decoration

$ 120.00


This Jade pendant is made of very old jade, the exact age is unknown. Can be worn as a pendant or as a belt decoration be creative.


$ 66.00

The above items are in very limited supply.
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