Garden Hose Adapter

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I built a nice little adapter so that I could run the Sea Doo in the driveway and adjust the carburetor, check cold and hot starting, etc.
Here's the parts list:
  1. Garden Hose "Y" splitter in brass.  Available at the local hardware store.
  2. 2 female adapters to step from the male garden hose "Y" ends to 1/4" pipe.
  3. 2 female barbed fittings to go from 1/4" pipe to 1/4" barb fitting.
  4. 2 hose clamps sized for 1/4" water hose.
  5. 6' of quality 1/4" inside diameter water hose.

To Assemble:

Assemble all the fittings as shown above.  Cut the 6' of water hose in half and attach each piece to the barb fittings using hose clamps.

To Use:

Disconnect the Sea Doo's own cooling water supply hoses from the fitting on the top of the exhaust pipe, and from the fitting on the side of the engine just above the starter gear.

Connect the hoses of the adapter to each of these locations.  No need to hose clamp them in place, they'll stay on just fine and be easier to remove than had they been smashed down with clamps.

Turn on your garden hose water supply, and adjust the "flow levers" on the "Y" splitter so you are just getting some water flowing out of the exhaust pipe and out of the engine's water outlet on the stern. 

Fire the engine up and begin testing.  Adjust the flow of water from your garden hose, so that the engine is able to get to operating tempurature.  You don't want to over cool your engine.