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Sept. 2012:
  • Added Model 320, boat no. 69 90100674 to the Hull I.D. Numbers page.  Thanks to new owner James Williams II in Pascagoula, MS for sending in the info!

May 2012:
  • Added Model 372, boat no. 69 93106194 to the Hull I.D. Numbers page.  Thanks to owner Ryan Stone in Sanford, Maine for sending in the info!

April 2012:
  • Added Model 372 boat no. 69 93108633 to the Hull I.D. Numbers page, thanks to Scott in Friendship, WI.

Sept. 2011:

August 2011:

April. 2008:
  • Added information on ordering rub rail from Wefco Rubber in California.  My thanks to fellow Sea Doo owner, Ty, up in Canada, for doing the research on this and forwarding the information to me!  Take a look on the Parts Sources page for details.

Jan. 2008:
  • Added a 372 belonging to Glencove Yacht Club Marina Lake of Ozarks Missouri to the Hull I.D. Numbers page.

Sept. 2007:
  • I know have a complete copy of the Factory 372 Sea Doo Service Manual available for sale.  Included with it will be the Factory Parts Manual, the Tillotson HR Service Manual, and 2 Sea Doo Technical Service Bulletins from April and December of 1969.  These will come in a nice 3 ring binder for $50 including shipping.  See details on the Parts & Service Manuals page.
  • Congrats to David Morris in Irvine, TX who just purchased two 372's, one of which is very nice!
  • Steve Reeder of Salton Sea, California has given me his family's original 372 Sea Doo.  His dad purchased it new in 1969 and then opened a dealership for them in the San Diego area.  This boat was their demo boat!  Steve also gave me a copy of the factory service manual a spare engine and a few factory special tools.  Thanks again Steve!

June 2007:
May 2006:
  • Added Gary & Jane Scott of Newburg, New York to the Hull I.D. Numbers page.  They've actually purchased back Jane's father's boat, which he had brand new, because he was a dealer for them!  Jane rode it as a child.  It was still in the hands of the person he'd sold it to 30 years ago.  Their other 372 is one they found bolted to the roof of a dealer in 2003, in Marlboro, New York.  Both are in rough shape, but complete and restoration work is pending.  Nice Save!
  • Added Danny Matton, of Morrisonville, New York and his 1968 or early 1969 Model 320 to the Hull I.D. Numbers page.
Febuary 2006:
  • Added Bruce Kamminga of Caledonia, Michigan to the Hull I.D. Numbers page.  What an outstanding totally original boat!
January 2006:
  • Added Rick Huck's 320 Sea Doo to the Hull I.D. Numbers page.  Rick's in Cranberry Portage, Manitoba, Canada
  • Having received a nice cash incentive from my wife for Christmas, I'm back at it, stripping paint off my Sea Doo.  Looking forward to hauling it off to be painted!

December 2005:
  • Added Guy Maloof's Sea Doos to the Hull I.D. Numbers page.  Guy is in Danbury, New Hamshire.

October 2005:
  • Added Lorne Robinson's 2 Sea Doos to the Hull I.D. Numbers page.  Lorne is in Echo Bay, Ontario, Canada.
  • I've been working on stripping all the white paint and graphics off my own 1969 Sea Doo.  The previous owner appears to have used aircraft paint because regular paint stripper won't touch it.  It's been going slow!

July 2005:
  • Added Reproduction Side Stripe Decals to the Parts Sources page.  These are super high quality and $38/pair plus $7.50 shipping.  They were made off a pattern taken from my Sea Doo.  The woodgrain dash decal is next on the reproduction list! 

June 2005:
  • Added Justin Edwards' 372 to the Hull I.D. Numbers page.
  • Added a page about crankshaft seals, with their sizes, and some related running problems I'm having to the Technical Advice page.  Final updates have been added to this little saga and the problem is solved!

May 2005:
  • Added Lyndon Scott's 372 to the Hull I.D. Numbers page.  By the way, that's Lyndon's beautiful Sea Doo on the Home Page.

April 2005:
  • Added instructions for building a garden hose adapter to the Technical Advice page.
  • Copies of the 63 page factory Parts Manual are now available for $10 including priority mail shipping.  See the Parts Manual page for details.
  • Added Doug Ledlie's "Old Sea Doo Website" to the Related Links page.
  • Added information on buying a super nice waterproof cover, Dowco's "Aquaguard Supreme," to the Technical Advice page.
  • Added the Brochures page and thanks to Dave Bortner for contributing the 1969 Brochure!
  • Added the History page and thanks to my brother Tori for sending me the drawing of the original patented design for the Sea Doo.  You're gonna love it!
  • Created the Hull I.D. Numbers page with a table listing all the remaining Sea Doos and their locations.  Please contribute so we can find out where they all are, no matter what the condition.
  • Created the Parts Sources page and reproduction decals by Bill Schisan at Intech Graphics in Alberta, Canada are now available!
  • Added Doug Ledlie's Sea Doos to the Hull I.D. Numbers page.  Thanks Doug!
March 2005:
  • The site goes live this month!