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1968 / 1969 Sea Doo Parts Manual

I have the following items available as copies:
Factory Parts Manual:
Thanks to Kandice & Karen Klingle in Yakima, WA, I have a copy of the factory Parts Manual.   It is 63 pages and is in fantastic shape.  It contains 6 secions of exploded parts and wiring diagrams, along with the matching parts lists.
While there's really nothing left you can order for your Sea Doo, this book is invaluable because the exploded drawings show how components are assembled.  Plus, you can cross reference the part numbers to Ski Doo snowmobile engines to discover that things like crankshaft, ignition coils, points, condensors, magnetos, starter, starter ring gear, crank seals, crank bearings, battery, carb kit, etc. are the same as what was used on several of their snowmobiles of the same time period, like the Ski-Doo Nordic and Olypique.
Factory Service Manual:
Thanks to Steve Reeder in the Salton Sea, California area I now have a complete copy of the Factory Service Manual.  Unfortunately, the images on the even pages are not very good, but they are decent on the odd pages.  This is due to the fact that I had previously purchased what was supposed to be a complete manual on ebay, and wound up only getting all the odd numbered pages.  They are good clear copies though.  Steve's manual is a copy as well, but the images did not turn out good.  So,  you will be getting a combination of the even pages from Steve's manual and the odd pages from mine.
Tillotson HR Carburetor Service Manual:
Tillotson HR service manual in color and a carb blow-up diagram and parts list for the Tillotson carburetor.
Technical Bulletins:
I have 2 original 372 Sea Doo Technical Service Bulletins dated April 1969 and December 1969.  The covers will come copied in color, the remainder of the pages will be standard black and white.
I'm offering these for sale.  They will come bound in a nice 3 ring binder for $55.00 which includes US Priority Mailing.  Canada residents, please add $5.00 to cover the additional shipping charges.  You can pay me via Paypal using my email address: austinado16  at  cs  dot  com as my Paypal account email.  Or contact me and make arrangements to send a money order or cash.