A Family Affair
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There have been a large number of baseball player family members and many of them have had a catcher in the family (ie. Yogi Berra and son Dale an infielder). However, only 29 sets have been both catchers (full or part time). To read more about these family catchers, you can go to the individual player's page by clicking on their names.

Contributing SABR Members: Bill Hickman, Ed Hartig, Cappy Gagnon


Doug Allison (1871-1883) and Art Allison (1871-1876)

Marty Bergen (1896-1899) and Bill Bergen (1901-1911)

Eddie Boyle (1896) and Jack Boyle (1886-1898)

Amos Cross (1885-4887) and Lave Cross (1887-1907)

Joe Daly (1890-1892) and Tom Daly (1887-1903)

Harry Danning (1933-1942) and Ike Danning (1928)

Bill Dickey (1928-1946) and George Dickey (1935-1947)

Pat Donahue (1908-1910) and Jiggs Donahue (1900-1909)

Jerry Dorgan (1880-1885) and Mike Dorgan (1877-1890)

Bubbles Hargrave (1913-1930) and Pinky Hargrave (1923-1933)

Ray Hayworth (1926-1945) and Red Hayworth (1944-1945)

Frank Mancuso (1944-1947) and Gus Mancuso (1928-1945)

Cloy Mattox (1929) and Jim Mattox (1922-1923)

Bengie Molina (1998-20nn) and Jose Molina (1999-20nn) and Yadier Molina (2004-20nn)

Jack O'Neill (1902-1906) and Steve O'Neill (1911-1928)

Wally Schang (1913-1931) and Bobby Schang (1914-1915, 1927)

Boss Schmidt (1906-1911) and Walter Schmidt (1916-1925)


Father Earle Brucker Sr. (1937-1943) and Son Earle Brucker Jr. (1948)

Father Sal Butera (1980-1988) and Son Drew Butera (2010-)

Father Sam Hairston (1951) and Son John Hairston (1969)

Father Randy Hundley (1964-1977) and Son Todd Hundley (1990-2003)

Father Fred Kendall (1969-1980) and Son Jason Kendall (1997-xx)

Father Connie Mack (1886-1896) and Son Earle Mack (1910)

Father Billy Sullivan Sr. (1899-1916) and Son Billy Sullivan Jr. (1931-1947)

Father Haywood Sullivan (1955, 57, 59-63) and Son Marc Sullivan (1982, 84-87)

Father Ozzie Virgil Sr. (1956-1969) and Son Ozzie Virgil Jr. (1980-1990)


Uncle Samuel Narron (1935-1943) and Nephew Jerry Narron (1979-1987)

Uncle Francis Healy (1930-1934) and Nephew Fran Healy (1969-1978)

Uncle Rick Dempsey (1969-1992) and Nephew Gregg Zaun (1995-200n)


  • Battery Mates Billy Sullivan Sr. and Ed Walsh Sr. (CHI-A 1904-1914) set the stage for their sons Billy Sullivan Jr. and Ed Walsh Jr. to form the only major league Battery of Sons of a Battery in the single game that the match-up occurred (1932 CHI-A). Source: Cappy Gagnon, Member of SABR

  • Three sets of brother catchers played on the same team at the same time
    Doug & Art Allison (1873 Resolutes & 1875 Hartford - National Association)
    Amos & Lave Cross (1887 Louisville - American Association)
    Ben & Jose Molina (2002-04 Anaheim - American League)