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Originally this site was a treatise on immigration using the bad case of Toronto, written in 2002. Now it features sub pages which articulate the ideas in the treatise in short briefs and that use current statistics. Please see navigation keys.
My main two "new" ideas are in the first two subpages. "The Key Idea" goes over how Japan and the  four Asian Tigers moved up the ladder of opportunity in terms of jobs but in the West this has stopped happening. "Hidden Unemployment" points out how bad the official labour survey is and points to undoubtedly much higher unemployment than officially reported. There's major policiy implications for these two ideas.
The subpage "A fix to the persistent low wages from immigration" describes a national economic strategy for countries with long term immigration needs or ambitions.
Updated Aug. 16, 2011

A treatise covering a systems analysis of immigration where immigration is treated as a parameter in a dynamic economy. Unemployment, wages, skills and the mix of jobs in an economy are all actually flexible.



This treatise details some major problems that have come along with Canada's aggressive immigration program. It details the case of Toronto but the problems and solutions are general, apply to any immigration city. There's a tendency towards immigration programs in Western countries despite a persistent McLabour problem. Immigration is program spending and it's not unpopular. However by focusing on the short list of the main destination cities you can make out the hidden costs and the alternative of upward growth to better jobs. This is straight forward but offers startling efficiencies.


The treatise is titled "The Unemployment Statistic and Relatives".


This  treatise has been circulated in Canada and is popular, very politically correct. It offers something to rich and to poor but also to the immigrant class. It deals with the fact that mass immigration is the defacto national economic strategy of Canada and of several other Western countries.


At the moment all 32 pages are loaded as one page.


The sub-pages contain most the essential information in summary form.



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