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See Mum and Dad's webpage, well one day. (Mark Anthony Spencer & Jennifer Lowise Spencer) Check Daniel's webpage, the original webmaster (Daniel Mark Spencer) Go to Lindsay's webpage (Lindsay James Spencer) See Ben's webpage (Benjamin Luke Spencer) Australia - where we come from.  Australia, and how to speak australian Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where we used to live.  Medain Saleh, Nabateans (same civilization as in Petra), Wadi, Wadi Al Lith, Taif, Baha, Saudi Arabia,
Saudia City, Jeddah
Our family
  Daniel   Lindsay   Benjamin

Some travel photo's
Saudi Arabia:
    Medain Saleh     Wadi Al Lith
Desert driving notes
    Rawalpindi, Lahore, Mian Wali, Sarghoda
South Africa:
    Kruger National Park
Other places

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At this site you'll find personal webpages for Daniel Spencer, Lindsay Spencer and Benjamin Spencer and maybe one day my parents. Each of us has links to their own webpage - use the photo's above to select one of our pages.   We have some interesting images, stories, questions,  and other things we have been working on here. 
Although we come from Australia, (find info like How to speak Australian with The Aussie list of O's) we have info about where we were living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We have a world map and info & images on places we have visited. Also on the site are flash movies, flash animation, links to www.random-revolution.com, and the famous The Stick trailer and The Stick, part 1
www.random-revolution.com (Daniel & Lindsay's Flash website)
Eragon Fan Site (Ben + mates website)
Go to Lindsay's Medain Saleh trip - see the ancient civilization of the Nabateans, follow where Lawrence of Arabia destroyed the Turk's railway Go to Ben's Wadi Al Lith trip - rock walled villages, forts, streams, camels, 4x4 Ben's Kruger National Park trip from South Africa Pakistan trip, 120k north of Islamabad to 300k south of Islamabad, 250k east of Kabul, wedding in Mian Wali and Sarghoda, the global village?
Medain Saleh
Wadi Al Lith
Baha-Taif trip
Kruger National Park
South Africa trip
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my wedding
in Pakistan

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