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September 1999

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Added Sunday, September 26, 1999
Baby Snatcher
One of David Duchovny's early movies, "Baby Snatcher", will be screening on channel 7 / Prime on Thursday (September 30) at noon. I've never actually seen it myself so I don't know what it's like, but still, it's a chance to see DD pre-X-Files.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Tom Braidwood (Frohike) who turns 51 tomorrow!

There's a relatively new magazine out called Netweek which is basically a listing of web sites. This is a tenuous X-Files conneciton but in the latest issue there's a page called Real-Life X-Files sites, with a photo of the I Want To Believe poster.

Voting Booth
After many months, I've restarted my Polls page. You can vote for your favourite X-Files episode by clicking here !!

Next Update
As I mentioned on Friday, I'll be away for another week, so the next update unfortunately won't be until Saturday, October 2. :-(
Cya then.

Added late Friday, September 24, 1999
Weekly Update
Whew, what a week! Just got back home (for a brief visit) then I'll be heading back to Sydney on Sunday for a another week down there. Not much has been happening -- the only newsworthy thing I've seen is a full page photo spread of David Duchovny, Tea Leoni and Blue on the inside back cover of this week's issue of New Weekly. I'd say the photos were taken the same day as those that appeared in the same magazine a fortnight ago.

Added Saturday, September 18, 1999
Weekly Update
Not much has been happening lately. The only news I've seen this week is a small article in The Daily Telegraph that (not officially) confirmed that David Duchovny was one of a whole slew of celebrities who would be visiting Australia in the "near future".

The Files Movie: Special Edition -- The Truth Is Out There!
Confused by the different versions of The X-Files Movie: Special Edition? Trying to solve the debate going on across Australia, Kim went to the source, as she reports in this ausxfnews posting this week:
Hi All,

After getting really confused about the different versions of the FTF video, I ended up contacting Fox's home entertainment section to find out what was going on.

According to the person I spoke to, there are 2 versions of the video:

1 - With the 30 min "Making of The X-Files Movie Special" (this is the one that was screened here [on Channel 10] prior to FTF's cinema release last year). This version is available at KMart, Target and Fosseys.

2 - With the Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter exclusive interview (which is around 5 minutes long). This version is available everywhere else.

When I asked why this had happend, the answer was to give the publicity/promotion department something to do.

Hope this helps,

Don't forget that HMV is still giving away the Cd-rom if you buy the video from them. That little item could become quite collectible in years to come.

Next Update
I'll be away from home again all next week, so the next update won't be until Saturday, September 25. See you then :-)

Added Tuesday, September 14, 1999
The 1999 Emmy Awards
Unfortunately, Gillian Anderson didn't win the Best Actress award at yesterday's 51st annual Emmy Awards :-(

gillian arrives at the 1999 Emmy Awards But she still looked great :-)

The X-Files picked up one Emmy for Best Make-up in a Series for the "One Son"/"Two Fathers" episodes. There was also a Felicity X-Files spoof during the show which was quite funny.
Photo from The Official Gillian Anderson Web Site

The 11th Hour
The 11th Hour is a genre website that pulls no punches, although you may not always agree with what they write. Kellie posted a message on ausxfnews the other day, pointing out a (very lenghty) story in their issue 4, called Muldermass and The Pit, which basically accuses Chris Carter of ripping off an old British sci-fi show / movie series called Quartermass. I read many of these same accusations in June last year -- where a site pointed out all the similarities to Quartermass and the then just-about-to-be-released The X-Files Movie. It makes for interesting reading.

While you're there, there are also feature articles on Chris Carter's new show Harsh Realm called Hype Realm and a Doug "Tooms" Hutchinson story called Love and Livers.

In their archive section is a story on Glen Morgan, James Wong and Kristin Kloke called Grim Fairy Tale and another story called The Golden Squirrels, listing the ten worst X-Files episodes.

X-Files File Videos for Sale: Cheap!!
From Medelliaon ausxfnews:
A friend of Medellia's is interested in selling their X-Files videos; he's offering all 12 file videos for $75, plus $12 postage & handling (extra $4 for COD). The retail price of these tapes is about $20-$25 each. They are used but have been watched only once. $75 for all 12 equates to $6.25 a video! pretty darned cheap.

The tapes up for grabs are: The Unanswered File, Tooms, Abduction, Colony, Master Plan, Tunguska, 82517, Tempus Fugit, Redux, Emily, Patient X and The End.

*shameless plug* If you want to know more about these visit Paper Clip.
If you're interested contact wravaillion@yahoo.com

Added Sunday, September 12, 1999
The X-Files: Unrestricted Access
Everyone who bought The X-Files Unrestricted Access CD will be pleased to know that finally some new case files are available to download from Fox Interactive. You need to gain access to the site via your CD. Just click on the Communication icon then the Update Case Files icon. The new case files run through to season 5x15. They actually run right through all of season five! Thanks Andy.
From The X-Files Underground

The X-Files Movie: Special Edition -- The Bonus CD
the x-files cd romThere's an official website for screendragon.com who made the bonus CD that came with The X-Files Movie: Special Edition if you bought it from HMV. Here's what it says:
The X-Files CD was released in the summer of 1998. It combined three different movie trailers in the Screendragon movie format along with a complete facsimile of the Official X-Files web site as well as some music tracks from the X-Files Audio CD.

Several promotions have so far been released for the X-Files and copies of the CD can be found as far apart as Spain and Australia.
Also from The X-Files Underground

I was up late last night (actually, early this morning) and turned on the TV at 1am (Channel 10) and saw a show called "Sleepwalkers" which had a strong X-Files connection. Apart from starring Abraham Benrubi (Big Mike in Arcadia), producers of the show (which was a failure in the US and cancelled after a handful of episodes) were Sara B Charno and David Nutter. Charno wrote two XF episodes (Aubrey and The Calusari) while Nutter directed 15 episodes, including some early season classics. For a further Chris Carter connection, last night's guest star was Sarah Jane Redmond, a regular "bad girl" on Millennium.

Added Saturday, September 11, 1999
Minor Update
Not much happening.

Added Thursday, September 9, 1999
9/9/99 Report
Today's Daily Telegraph (Page 13 section) had a story on the opening of the Fox Studios in Sydney. Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant were announced as special guests but it said there was still no confirmation that David Duchovny and Tea Leoni would be attending.

Has anyone heard a radio spot called "Dear Bill", a very funny send-up of Bill Collins with daily movie reviews? Yesterday's segment (on my local station) had a review of "Playing By Heart", where Bill said Gillian Anderson (mis-pronouncing her name BTW) was brilliant in her role. He said the movie is like The Love Boat but without the ship, the cliches and the water! Whatever that means!

The X-Files debuted (in the USA) on this day back in 1993!!

Added Tuesday, September 7, 1999
David and Goliath
This week's issue of Who Weekly has a one and a half page story titled David and Goliath that deals with David Duchovny's lawsuit against 20th Century Fox. There's a largish photo of DD (from Little Green Men) plus photos of Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter.

TV Week also has a small story on the lawsuit in this week's issue.

The animosity makes me think that Duchovny won't really want to travel to Australia for the launch of Fox Studios in November. What do you think? The story has taken a while to hit the Australian media ... you can read a lengthy news release on my August 14 posting.

Ezy Entertainment
The September issue of Ezy Entertainment from Video Ezy has a small piece titled Gone but ... not which deals with George Clooney then goes on to some (old) X-Files news:
Meanwhile, that other screen-hopping hunk, David Duchovny, has tired of searching for the truth and will make this his last season of The X-Files. However, he will continue making X-Files movies with Gillian Anderson, and he has a new film due out next year - a romantic comedy with Minnie Driver called Return To Me.
1999 Emmy Awards
The Emmy's will screen on Ten next Monday (September 12) at 8:30pm. Gillian Anderson is up for the Best Series Lead Actress award. There's a story on the Emmy's in this week's Who Weekly. They predict Lorraine Bracco from The Sopranos will win.

Gillian and Silverchair
The September issue of Sain (the free magazine from Sanity) has a small story on Gillian Anderson and Silverchair, along with a photo of GA. This is just a rehash of a posting back on August 4.

Australian Auction Site
I had a quick look at sold.com.au the other night and there were three X-Files items being auctioned. The first was a signed X-Files jacket (current bid at $150); the second was a copy of "Secrets Of The X-Files" video ($10 reserve); and the third was a set of the 12 File videos ($50 reserve).

Tangential X-Files News
Ezy Entertainment (mentioned above) has a star profile on Lucy Liu (who guest-starred on XF in the Hell Money episode) while there's a review of the movie Home Fries, written by X-Filer Vince Gilligan and starring Luke Wilson from Bad Blood, which is released today. Disturbing Behavior, directed by former X-Filer David Nutter, music by Mark Snow and with Chris Owens (Agent Spender) in a small role is also in the mag.

There have been a couple of news stories with a real-life X-Files twist that caught my attention over the last few days.

The first concerned the melting of the polar ice caps which has released "ancient strains of viruses" into the atmosphere. Scientists have traced calicivrius and tobamovirus strains back to ice cores that are up to 140,000 years old!

The second story I heard on the radio yesterday and it sounded truly bizarre. Apparently a "scientist" has discovered a previously unknown species of fish washed up the shore of a Florida beach which has "human-like legs"! (Huh?). He theorises that the fish has recently laid millions of eggs so the oceans are potentially "crawling" (excuse the pun) with these creatures. Think "The Host" crossed with "Agua Mala" and a dash of the Fegee Mermaid thrown in.

Added Sunday, September 5, 1999
Red Shoe Diaries
David Duchovny's second TV series, Red Shoe Diaries, where he appears briefly on screen at the start and finish of each episode (in a narrator-type role), commences on Channel 10 next Saturday (September 11) at 9:30pm.

Spot The X-Files Guest
Armin Mueller-Stahl (Strughold in the Movie) stars in the recently cinema-released The Thirteenth Floor. Michael McKean (Morris Fletcher in three eps) has a small role in tonight's Planes, Trains and Automobiles on Seven. (Yes, I know she's not an XF guest but ...) Tea Leoni's Bad Boys movie screens on Ten on Friday.

Added Saturday, September 4, 1999
Weekly Update
I'm back again after a week away. My last update (last Sunday) wasn't posted because of a connection problem with my ISP, but for what it's worth you can read it now on my August archive.

If you know of any other Australian-related X-Files news you can let me know by sending me an e-mail. It will be much appreciated and I'll give you credit for the info. Thanks a bunch!

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