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Added Sunday, August 29, 1999
Schoolboy finds X = Success
Today's Sun-Herald has a story on Daniel Wood (refer below) and his Ultimate X-Files Information Complex website, titled Schoolboy finds X = success. I haven't got the time to type it up at present. I'll just add it to the ever-growing list of "things to do"!

Mitch Pileggi
Mitch Pileggi, everyone's favourite FBI AD, will be host/narrator of the fourth installment of "Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed", screening on 9/WIN on Wednesday night at 9:40pm.

Dr Katz
I've added the transcript of the Dr Katz, Professional Therapist episode featuring David Duchovny to my David Duchovny page.

Entertainment Tonight
Apparently tomorrow's episode of Entertainment Tonight will have a small piece on David Duchovny.

Spot the X-Files Guest
Kurtwood Smith (Grotesque) plays Suzanne's (Nicole Kidman) father in To Die For tonight on Channel 7. Next Saturday, Raye Birk (War Of The Coprohages) appears in The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult.

Playing By Heart
For some unknown reason Playing By Heart didn't start in New South Wales on Thursday, although it has been released in other states. Boo hiss -- I was going to watch it when in Sydney during the next week.

Next Update
As I just mentioned, I'll be away for the next week, so the next update won't be until Saturday, September 4.

Added Saturday, August 28, 1999
The X-Files Movie: Special Edition
From tomorrow, Big W is selling "The X-Files Movie: Special Edition" for $19.73 (compared to the rrp of $24.95) and if you buy a copy, you're entitled to purchase The X-Files Video Trivia Game for just $5.00. If you haven't bought either yet, what a bargain!

Today On Saturday
I turned on Today On Saturday (Channel 9/WIN) this morning just as it was finishing and missed (I assume) a story on Daniel Wood and his Ultimate X-Files Information Complex. They had his URL on the screen (and I quote) "just in case you want to visit Daniel's X-Files website". Did anybody see the story?

TV Week
In this week's TV Week there was a small pic of Gillian Anderson in Scotland filming "House Of Mirth". I had a look later, and it's a pic of GA at Heathrow Airport, leaving the UK. There was a small story, saying Gillian didn't look her usual glamourous self and that there was a chance David Duchovny would quit the show soon.
Thanks Michael C - and thanks for picking up a typo below :-)

Added Thursday, August 26, 1999
The X-Files Movie: Special Edition
This is big news. Judging by some postings on ausxfnews, there are (at least) two (possibly three) different versions of The X-Files Movie: Special Edition. The video I have includes a 30 minute special (which screened on TV just before the movie hit the cinemas in Australia last year) titled "The Making Of The X-Files Movie". This is announced via a sticker on the front cover of the video. Chey on the other hand has a video that doesn't have the 30 minute special, but has instead a 10-15 minute interview with Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson (which by the way is mentioned on the cover of my video, but not included). So what does that mean? Who's being ripped off?

It seems if the video has a blue sticker on the cover, it has "The Making Of The X-Files Movie" special; if it has a red sticker it has the Chris Carter/Gillian Anderson interview. The one with the blue sticker has a different bar code.

Video Release Dates
Angie just let me know the video release dates of two Gillian Anderson movies:
"The Mighty" -- December 14th, 1999.
"Playing By Heart" -- February 15th, 2000

New Idea
Really not much else has been happening ... All I have to report is a photo of Gillian Anderson in last week's issue (dated 21 August) of New Idea, in a photo spread of celebrities wearing strapless, gravity-defying dresses.

Spot the X-Files Guest, Part II
Mimi Rogers (Diana Fowley) appears in this Sunday's movie, "The Mirror Has Two Faces".

Added Tuesday, August 24, 1999
Spot the X-Files Guest
Not much happening today ... there was a posting to ausxfnews the other day about spotting some X-Files guest actors in that movie "Atomic Train". I didn't see it but my wife watched it and there were at least 13 X-filers!!

John Finn (Kritchgau in Redux), Don S Davis (Scully's father), Rebecca Toolan (Mulder's mother), Blu Mankuma (Mind's Eye and Ghost in the Machine), Eric Keenlyside (Kernof in Mind's Eye), Peter LaCroix (Unrequited, Ascension and EBE), Garvin Cross (Herrenvolk), Chris Ellis (Avatar), Stephen Dimopolous (Talitha Cumi and Dod Kalm), Dmitry Chepovetsky (Dod Kalm and Folie A Deux), Colin Lawrence (Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man), Harrison Coe (Chinga, Kaddish and Apocrypha) and Sean Campbell (Leonard Betts, Teliko and 731). Amazing.

Don S Davis can be seen each week in "Stargate SG1"; Lucy Liu (Hell Money) stars in "Ally McBeal" each week; Jesse L Martin (The Unnatural) is a regular on "Ally McBeal"; Seth Green appears on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"; while Paul McCrane (Leonard Betts) and Abraham Benrubi (Arcadia) both feature on "ER". John Neville (Well Manicured Man) was in the movie on Sunday night, "High School High".

Links Update
My links page needs lots of work but I have started and the first stage of my update is complete.

Added Monday, August 23, 1999
Weekly Magazine Roundup
The new batch of weekly magazines hit the stands today and two of them had reviews of "Playing By Heart". Who gave the movie a B while the two New Weekly reviewers gave it a 3 (female) and 2 (male). The snyopsis is that it's a bit "talky", a good movie to take your girlfriend to but not vice versa, and will be a "good watch" when it's released on video. Both magazines praised Gillian Anderson's acting, both also commenting on how "un-Scully" her performance is.

New Weekly also had a story called "Due Credit", explaining what the production names at the end of television show credits mean. 1013 was included, along with a screen-shot, with the explanation that it refers to Chris Carter's birthday.

Added Sunday, August 22, 1999
Bree Sharp
The Bree Sharp song "David Duchovny" and the unofficial (XF) clip has created quite a lot of interest recently. If you haven't heard the song yet or want to see the video you should check out the following site where you can download the audio or video in various formats to your heart's content:

Playing By Heart
Gillian Anderson's "Playing By Heart" movie opens this coming Thursday (August 26). For a review of the movie watch The Movie Show on SBS tonight at 6pm. You can also watch a trailer at Village. The September issue of Australian Good Taste magazine has the following review:
Playing By Heart **** (m)
Warm and uplifting, this is a kind of yuppie soap about a number of dysfunctional people gradually coming to terms with life, love and themselves. There's The X-Files' Gillian Anderson as a woman so wary of men she keeps a mastiff to keep them away. There's Sean Connery as a dying man whose wife - Gena Rowlands - suddenly discovers a past betrayal. And Ellen Burstyn plays a mum struggling to know her AIDS-fading son. An upbeat affirmation of life.
Thanks Medellia for letting me know that this page didn't look exactly like it should. I think the problem was only if you use Netscape as your browser. It looked OK with Internet Explorer. Anyway, things should be fixed now :-)

Week-ending Saturday, August 21, 1999
I'm back again after another week working "in the big smoke". Subject to change -- at a moment's notice -- I should be home for the next two weeks (hopefully) so there should be more-regular updates of my site over that period.

American Comedy Awards
The 13th annual American Comedy Awards, featuring a nominated David Duchovny, screen on Ten/Capital tonight from 8:30pm.

That's Life Competition
This week's issue of That's Life has an X-Files competition, giving away 10 packs of the X-Files FTF soundtrack CD, The X-Files computer game and the Special Edition video. You just need to fill in the coupon in the magazine and mail it off.
Thanks Kim

Woman's Day Competition
There is an X-Files prize being given in this weeks Woman's Day's mini puzzle book. The magazine is available until Monday. To enter you need to do the puzzle and fill in the answer on the entry coupon. Entries close on September 3rd. There are 20 X-Files prize packs to be won, consisting of a Special Edition video $24.95 , one CD $29.95, book $29.95 and video trivia board game $49.95.
Thanks Kim

Foxtel Competition
There's a Foxtel competition at the moment, open to subscribers, where you can win VIP passes to the Fox Studios premiere for you and three friends. Basically you ring a number and say in 25 words or less who you would like to meet most, and what you would ask them. As reported below, rumours are that David Duchovny will be attending ... so what are you going to ask him if you win?
Thanks Medellia

X-Files 2000 Calendars
The 2000 X-Files calendar is now available in various specialty stores for $29.95 while there's also a David Duchovny 2000 Calendar on sale for $20.95. I'd suggest waiting til the end of the year when the price of calendars is usually heavily reduced.
Thanks again Kim

The Blur between Real Life and The X-Files
A story in Melbourne's The Age newspaper was passed on to me by Angie and while it's not strictly "X-Files" news there are a number of references to the show. BTW, Angie has a new Australian X-Files site called Spooky Ange's X-Files Site.

You can read the story here

The latest issue (#251) of UK magazine Starburst is now available in Australian newsagencies. It contains a (nice-looking) print of Gillian Anderson to complement the David Duchovny print in the previous issue.

The X-Files on Playstation
From psx.ign.com comes news about the X-Files Playstation Game. The game will be released in the US on October 13 and should be available in Australia by Christmas. It's the same game that was released last year for PC's.

You can read the story here.

Playing By Heart
The Movie Show (SBS) reviewed Playing by Heart (featuring Gillian Anderson) on Wednesday; both hosts quite liked it, Margaret gave it 4 stars and David 3 and a half (out of five). If you're interested in watching the review, you can catch the repeat on at 6pm tomorrow night.
From Medellia

Added Saturday, August 14, 1999
The X-Files Movie
According to this week's catalogue, K Mart is selling The X-Files Movie on video for just $19.85, well below the recommended retail price of $24.95

TV Week Competition
For anyone who hasn't seen this week's TV Week, as well as the Gillian Anderson story, there's a competition where you can win an autographed copy of The X-Files Movie script, signed by Chris Carter himself; plus the video, CD soundtrack, Unrestricted Access and a copy of "Skin". To win, all you need to do is send an envelope with name/addy to:

X-Files TV Week Competition,
Locked Bag 208,
Strewberry Hills NSW 1423

David Duchovny Sues Fox
Expect this "big" story, from an internet news source, to hit all the Australian newspapers over the next day or two, probably tomorrow's papers. (Mmm, didn't happen until three weeks later!) It doesn't auger well for great relations during the filming of season seven!

Hollywood. "X-Files" star David Duchovny sued 20th Century Fox Film Corp. Thursday, alleging that the studio has cheated him out of millions of dollars in profits from the hit television series.

The lawsuit, filed in the Santa Monica branch of Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that Fox sold various rights to the "X-Files" to its own or affiliated companies at below-market prices and engaged in other actions that reduced the apparent profits generated by the series.

Adding an unusual twist, Duchovny also alleges that series creator and executive producer Chris Carter conspired with Fox to cover up the self-dealing, and was paid hush money amounting to millions of dollars for his compliance. Carter, however, is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Although the amount of damages is not specified in the complaint, sources say Duchovny is seeking in excess of $25 million. Duchovny is not planning to leave the series, which is beginning its seventh season.

A spokesperson for Fox said, "It is the policy of this company not to comment on potential or actual litigation. In fact, we have neither seen a complaint nor are we aware of a complaint having been served on Fox. Suffice to say, it is regrettable that Mr. Duchovny and his representatives have opted to communicate this matter through the press rather than directly with Fox."

Carter could not be reached for comment Thursday.

The series, starring Duchovny as special FBI agent Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as his colleague Dana Scully, is hugely profitable. According to the complaint, the series will generate a profit of $1.4 billion to $1.5 billion to Fox over its life as a network series, in syndication and in other formats. The series was also the basis for a feature film with a worldwide gross of almost $185 million.

According to the complaint, Duchovny agreed in 1995 to extend his contract to do the show for two more years in exchange for profit participation, which was to be defined and paid in the same manner as Carter's participation.

But, states the complaint, because of "corporate greed," Fox intentionally reduced revenues to profit participants by selling the show to its affiliates instead of seeking the most competitive and beneficial deal.

Fox sold the series to its own broadcast network, Fox Broadcasting Co.; its own cable network, FX Cable Network; and the syndication rights to its own group of stations, Fox Television Stations.

As for Carter's role in the matter, Duchovny alleges that Fox "paid to Carter millions of dollars in 'hush' money and granted to Carter a 13-episode commitment to develop and produce a new television series for Fox and Fox Broadcasting in order to 'buy' Carter's silence and his acquiescence in Fox's self-dealing with its affiliated entities."

Attached to the complaint is an internal Fox memo indicating a $4 million payment to Carter and an additional series commitment. Duchovny alleges that the payments to Carter were charged against "X-Files" as advances to Carter and deducted from the gross receipts of the show. By reducing the gross, these payments also reduce Duchovny's profit participation.

Duchovny and his company, King Baby, are represented by Larry Stein of Alschuler Grossman Stein & Kahan. In similar suits alleging self-dealing, Stein represented Wind Dancer, the producers of "Home Improvement,'' against ABC, and Alan Alda, who has a profit participation in the "MASH" series, in a suit against Fox. Both cases were settled before trial.

Janet Shprintz, Reuters/Variety
Morgan and Wong News
From UltimateTV.com
Former "X-Files" executive producers Glen Morgan and James Wong have signed a multiyear deal with DreamWorks Television and NBC Studios. The move follows an announcement that the duo would be producing the supernatural drama "The Others" for DreamWorks and NBC. The show is slated for midseason and has already received a 13-episode order. Aside from their work on "The X-Files," Morgan and Wong have run the Chris Carter show "Millennium," and created the sci-fi show "Space: Above and Beyond." Since leaving "Millennium," the duo has produced a TV pilot and are currently working on the feature film "Flight 180." "Glen and Jim have proven to be a creative force in the industry," said Dan McDermott, head of DreamWorks Television. "We are thrilled to welcome their combined talents into the DreamWorks family and to be partnered with NBC Studios in bringing some exciting new projects to television."
VQT Award
Gillian Anderson won Best actress in a Drama in the 1999 Viewers for Quality Television Awards. To read more on the VQT Awards check Infobeat or the Viewers for Quality Television website.

Added Thursday, August 12, 1999
The X-Files Movie
From Kim on ausxfnews
The CD that is being given away with "Fight The Future" video at HMV features a special edition screen saver, music videos, game trailer and production notes.

The X-Files Movie, Part II
There's an online competition where you can win an X-Files pack of the video, CD, Trivia Game and Game. Click on the link on the following site:

For three (favourable) reviews of the video, some pics and details of the William B Davis chat this Sunday, check:

Added Sunday, August 8, 1999
David Duchovny to Visit Australia
In the Benelong section on the back page of today's Sunday Telegraph, Michael Idato (who seems to be an X-Files fan) reports:
Duchovny Tip
David Duchovny is likely to be the first international star to sign a deal to attend the opening of Fox Studios Australia at Moore Park.

Duchovny, accompanied by wife Tea Leoni, heads a list of possible celebrities that passed under Benelong's nose last week.

The studios officially open their doors on November 7.

Goodbye Mulder
There's a full page story in the Express Entertainment section of today's Sunday Telegraph titled Goodbye Mulder. The truth is out there.

There's nothing you probably haven't read before -- some of what appeared in Thursday's Daily Telegraph (see below ) plus quotes that have appeared in various overseas newspapers and X-Files news resources. I haven't got the time to type it up at the moment so if anyone transcribes the story please let me know.

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to Gillian Anderson who turns 31 tomorrow, August 9.

William B Davis Chat
Don't forget the William B Davis chat today from 2-3pm. See below for more information.

Woops, so sorry for any confusion ... The chat is next Sunday, 15 August !!! Thanks for Kim for pointing out my error :-)

Episode Guide Update
I've added "Milagro" to my Episode Guide.

Next Update
I'll be away for the first three days of this week, so the next update will be on Thursday (if there's any news to report).

Added Saturday, August 7, 1999
The X-Files Movie
Apparently HMV are giving away a CD-Rom with each copy of The X-Files Movie on video when it goes on sale on Wednesday. As with most X-Files video releases, it could get released early :-)
From Medellia on ausxfnews.

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to David Duchovny who turns 39 today.

Added Friday, August 6, 1999
Plot Thickens On Axeing Files
From yesterday's Daily Telegraph.
Plot Thickens On Axeing Files
Though it's been assumed that the 1999-2000 season would be the last The X-Files' creator Chris Carter says the sci fi series may yet return for another year, even without star David Duchovny, whose contract will be up.

"Right now, I'm preparing in every way for this to be the final season, but I've heard that Fox might approach us about taking the show past the seventh season," Carter said." I'm willing to listen to what they bring to me....I'm staying tuned."

Fox Entertainment president Doug Herzog confirmed the network's interest, "We're always interested to talk to Chris about The X-Files. It's dependent on a lot of things-who might be coming back, who's not, there's a lot of factors.

"If David Duchovny and (co-star) Gillian [Anderson] want to come back, I think that we'd want to see the show on Fox, absolutely."

But Duchovny is hedging. "I can't really answer that." he said.

"I would never say never about anything, but as of right now my contract is up at the end of the coming year, so I'm living my life as if this would be the last year. I'd be fine if it were the last year. I'm really proud of the sixth year so far, and seven years is a long time to be doing one show. And I have other things to do. But then again I don't know."

Herzog and Carter agree that the issue of whether to bring back the show for the 2000-2001 season should be resolved this year.

"I'd consider anything," Carter said including going on without Duchovny who plays alien investigator Fox Mulder "I would have to feel good about the kind of stories we're telling."

Gillian Anderson, who plays FBI agent Dana Scully, is signed through 2001 and could ostensibly return alone for an eighth season.

Carter's next production is Harsh Realm, about a decorated soldier (Scott Bairstow) who winds up stuck in a virtual reality game supposedly used for training but which has darker implications.

Like The X-Files and Carter's Millennium the Harsh Realm pilot contains some violence, including warlike scenes that include gunfire, explosions and a close up of a bleeding wound.

"I'm not interested in blood, guts, gore and/or gratuitous gunfire" Carter said," It's not a glorification of war, it's the opposite. It's talking about the horror of war."

Harsh Realm comes when there is a call for a reduction in entertainment violence.'

Manual Mendoza
Transcribed by Gemma on her new The Asylum website.

who's a pretty boy, then?Twin Peaks
The first of three Twin Peaks episodes guest-starring David Duchovny (in a dress) screens in the early hours of tomorrow morning (4am) on Channel 10/Capital.

Added Thursday, August 5, 1999
"Conspiracy" Wins
From Tuesday's Daily Telegraph:
Los Angeles: David Duchovny has lost his battle over what he believes is a real-life conspiracy to sell his forged signature.

Duchovny, a star of The X-Files, and Dean Cain, from the US TV show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, filed seperate lawsuits againts Truly Unique Collectibles, an Internet firm that sells signed celebrity photographs.

The suits claimed New York-based Truly Unique was selling fake signatures of the actors and was "stealing fame" by using unauthorised photographs of them to promote its products in advertisements.

The company denied the charges and Judge Robert J Kelleher agreed, ruling the claims were groundless.
New Idea
From Kim Van Aggelen on ausxfnews
There are four photos of David Duchovny and Return To Me co-star Minnie Driver on location in Rome. I checked the mag out this morning -- how embarassing :-). The photos take up almost a full page (toward the back of the mag) including one of DD on a bike with a nun! How bizarre.

dd in dr katzDr Katz
Kim also passed on some other news, including X-Files references in two TV shows: "What's Up Doc" and "The Seven Signs of Christ's Return".

The sad news from Kim is that the David Duchovny episode of Dr Katz: Professional Therapist screened on SBS last Monday, so well all missed it : - (

Added Wednesday, August 4, 1999
X-Files Competition ... Another One
The latest issue of Australian magazine Starlog Reporter which I spotted for the first time today has a competition where you can win a copy of The X-Files Movie: Special Edition. There's also an autographed print of Gillian Anderson up for grabs. To win, all you have to do is send an envelope with name/address on the back to:
The X-Files Movie: Special Edition Competition
GPO Box 2067
Sydney NSW 2001

You'd better be fast though because the competition closes last mail on August 9.

Starlog Reporter used to feature lots of X-Files news/stories but the lastest issue is pretty bare of XF information. Apart from the competition, there's a one page merchandise advert. If you order The X-Files Movie through them, they're offering a snazzy X-Files keychain as a bonus. The catch, as always, with mail order is the exorbitant postage costs (around $8 I think) and the risk of it actually arriving in the snail mail. They've also got the next video release listed -- called Area 51/Dreamland. In Britain the double parter was screened with those titles; in Australia we used Dreamland and Dreamland II.

Added Tuesday, August 3, 1999
Episode Guide Update
I've added "Alpha" to my Episode Guide.

Chicago Cab
I'm not sure how "new" this information is, but today I saw "Chicago Cab" in the new release section of my local Blockbuster store. Chicago Cab, not released in cinemas in Australia, features Gillian Anderson, who's name is emblazoned across the top of the video cover to attract the attention of X-Files' fans.

Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth
Someone else has recorded a tribute song to Gillian Anderson. A punk band with the unlikely name of "Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth" has recorded a song called "Gillian Anderson (I Want To Be With You)".

TV Week Competition
Next week's TV Week - on sale August 9 - will have a competition to win an autographed X-Files script. There will also be an interview titled "Gillian Anderson: My life after The X-Files".
From Kellie Turner on ausxfnews

From CDNow magazine.
Australian band Silverchair's most surprising fan? "Actually Scully from The X-Files," answers drummer Ben Gillies, referring of course to actress Gillian Anderson. "She's a bit of a fan. That was a surprise. We went to this little photo shoot that they were doing and she came up and said, 'Hello.' She said, 'I'm really into you guys, I've liked you for a few years.' I was like, cool. She had a bunch of CDs with her and she put ours on. She said to us while we were there that they were shooting an episode and that if we wanted to go down and have a look we were welcome. So we did. We went down, and that's where we met David Duchovny. We had a gig that night and we invited them along, and they actually ended up coming."
Murray Engleheart

Added Monday, August 2, 1999
Episode Guide Update
I've added "Arcadia" to my Episode Guide.

Added Sunday, August 1, 1999
I'm an ex-File
Today's Sun-Herald has a brief snippet in their People in the News section about David Duchovny, titled "I'm an ex-File".
David Duchovny is to quit The X-Files after seven years of chasing aliens and investigating conspiracies. "Seven years is a long time to do one show and I have other things to do," he said. However, Duchovny will not be saying goodbye to FBI Agent Fox Mulder just yet. His contract still has another year to run.
William B Davis Chat
From G.Scott and Medellia on ausxfnews

Big Pond X-Files Chat
Big Pond Chat and HMV are proud to bring you William B Davis, ("Cigarette-Smoking Man") from The X-Files on Sunday, August 15th at 2-3pm. Representing pure evil as "Cancer Man", William B. Davis is really "the nicest person you'll ever meet", states co-star Gillian Anderson. Bill Davis admits he loves to play "Television's favourite villain", as he was dubbed by a poll of the readers of (US) TV Guide.

URL: Big Pond Chat - http://www.bigpond.com/Community/Chat/chat.asp?c=MovieStar

Be sure you're using a Java capable browser, because it's a Java chat. And if you want to register your handle/nickname, get there early and do it because it's a little bit complicated.

If you know of any other Australian-related X-Files news you can let me know by sending me an e-mail. It will be much appreciated and I'll give you credit for the info. Thanks a bunch!

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