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Added Wednesday, June 30, 1999
X-Files Movie Competition
Hey, wanna win a copy of The X-Files Movie Special Edition? Sure you do. Further to my post yesterday, Movie magazine is giving away the video to six lucky readers. (The winner gets TXFM:SE plus three war movies -- what they have to do with the X-Files I don't know; the other five get the XF video.) OK, to save you all buying the mag, here's what you do. You have to answer a question: Who are the two stars of The X-Files Movie: Special Edition? Tough, huh?

Write your answer on the back of an envelope along with your name and snail-mail addy and send to:
The X-Files Movie Competition, Movie Magazine
GPO Box 1609
Sydney NSW 2001

BTW, according to Movie, the release date of the video is now confirmed as 11 August and the recommended retail price is $24.95.

X-Files Movie Soundtrack
While on the subject of The X-Files Movie, Medellia on ausxfnews says that the soundtrack is available at HMV for just $5. Incredibly cheap.

Harsh Realm
As you may have heard, Chris Carter's new show is called Harsh Realm. The pilot episode will feature cameo roles from the stars of Chris Carter's first two shows -- Gillian Anderson and Lance Henriksen.

Added Tuesday, June 29, 1999
Turn Me Off
A photo of Mulder and Scully on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald? Glory be ... Well, maybe not. Yes M&S were on the front page of yesterday's SMH, in a teaser headline relating to a story on the woes of Channel 10 and their terrible performance in the ratings. There was a lengthy story in Icon which mentioned (briefly) the poor ratings of former Channel 10 flagship The X-Files (along with many other shows as well).

The weekly ratings in today's Sydney Morning Herald saw The X-Files miss the list again, savagely beaten by the Rugby League State of Origin III, finishing somewhere below 69th spot but based on other shows mentioned probably in the 130's again. Not good.

The latest issue of Movie magazine (with an August 1999 cover date) has a brief bit on Divine David, Minnie Driver's opinion of David Duchovny, her co-star in the upcoming Return To Me.

The magazine also has a competition where you can win a copy of the upcoming The X-Files Movie: Special Edition video release.

X-Files Books
Big W is selling out copies of X-Files Confidential: Volumes 1, 2 and 3 for $2 each.
If you don't already have the version with the first three seasons together, they're a good addition to your X-Files collection. The covers are quite nice.

Added Saturday, June 26, 1999
The Unnatural
Last Monday's New Weekly also included Wednesday night's episode in their Must Watch TV section for the week and it was Pick of the Night in the Daily Telegraph. I've got to agree. It was a great episode :-)

X-rated in Hungary
In the Express Entertainment section of last week's Sunday Telegraph was a snippet titled X-rated in Hungary.
The X-Files has been relegated to a post-11pm timeslot in Hungary, because, according to a court order, the sci-fi show "has a negative impact on the personal development of young children".
A much more detailed story is available on various other US based X-Files news pages.

... and now the bad news
With the demise of Medellia's News Page last week I said I'd be updating my news page for the forseeable future. Well, that future didn't exactly last long :-(

I'm afraid that this X-Files news page will be limited to only weekly updates as of July 19. Because of work committments I'll be away from home (and therefore away from internet access) from Mondays to Fridays for up to six months. I'll be able to do a weekly update each weekend if there's any relevant news that I'm aware of. With season six finishing soon on 10 the amount of X-Files news should drop dramatically around mid-July anyway.

Added Tuesday, June 22, 1999
Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
With season six coming to an end, The X-Files has been copping quite a few mentions lately in the "Must Watch" section of various newspapers and magazines. This week's TV Week puts next week's "Three Of A Kind" episode in their What's Hot On TV section with an accompanying story about The Lone Gunmen. There's also a photo of Gillian Anderson with "House Of Mirth" co-star Eric Stoltz, who's other X-Files connection is his appearance (on TV) in the "Post Modern Prometheus" episode.

This week's Who Weekly magazine includes tomorrow night's "The Unnatural" episode in their What To Watch section with a story on David Duchovny. The episode is also the Daily Telegraph's Pick of the Night for Wednesday.

OK, it's not all good news though. Yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald featured "The Unnatural" in their Metro liftout and it was an unfavouable review, claiming that The X-Files is dying a long, slow and painful death. The article writer thinks that David Duchovny tries too hard as writer/director of the episode, trying to make every line either funny or a double entendre. We'll have to wait and see who's right.

X-Files Ratings
A long, slow and painful death? It seems many X-Files fans have deserted what they see as a sinking ship. I didn't get the Sydney Morning Herald today, so I don't know what the ratings were for last week's brilliant "Milagro" episode. During my bout with illness I've overlooked the ratings for the past few weeks. Catching up, last Thursday's Sydney Morning Herald again delighted in putting The X-Files down, with a headline crowing about the show's demise. The episode that crashed and burned was "Trevor" which was up against the State of Origin II Rugby League match (the number one show of the week) and attracted just over 100,000 viewers, putting it in 133rd place for the week - an all-time low. The previous Tuesday's ratings report, for "Alpha" saw The X-Files miss the charts, placing somewhere below 71st spot. Tomorrow's "The Unnatural" is also doomed, up against State of Origin III.

The latest issue of Dreamwatch ($10.75) is now available and features two X-Files related interviews. The first is with Martin Landau, covering his role as Dr Kurtzweil in The X-Files Movie. The second is with Laurie Holden and her role as Marita Covarrubias, the unblonde.

Episode Guide
Yes, my episode guide keeps falling further behind but I'm trying to get things back up to date and will hopefully have the missing season six guides done shortly. I'm through giving promises of an exact date!

Nick Lea
Happy birthday Nick Lea!

Added Monday, June 21, 1999
Nick Lea Auction
In celebration of Nicholas Lea's 37th birthday tomorrow, NickLea.com is having a charity auction to benefit Kosovo Relief. The winning bidders will make their cheques out directly to the American Red Cross. You have to be registered member of eBay to bid in the auction. Check here for the full details: http://www.nicklea.com/auction/index.htm . Thanks to Tiny Dancer

Added Sunday, June 20, 1999
Medellia's Realm
Anyone who's stopped by Medellia's Realm over the weekend will have read that she will no longer be updating her news page, which is disappointing news to all her loyal readers. I know how she feels though - I've been sick myself for the past fortnight and with mounting work committments (Medellia has school to contend with) I've contemplated cutting back on this site.

I have recently stopped updating two other web sites but for the forseeable future I will continue to update this X-Files site. Just as long as there's news to report!

Anyway, a big thankyou to Medellia for her Australian News Page. :-)

David Duchovny - Brisbane's Turn
David Duchovny appears on the cover of The Sunday Mail TV Scene in Brisbane today. It's assumed the article is the same one that's appeared in Syndey and Melbourne newspapers earlier this month.
Thanks to kristy thomas on ausxfnews.

The Unnatural
For the second week in a row an X-Files episode gets the thumbs up in the Daily Telegraph's 7 Days TV Guide (last Thursday). The upcoming The Unnatural episode looks good (from the limited promos I've seen) and this is what appears under "Pick of the Night"

You know the drill: the truth is out there, prepare to be shocked, expect the unexpected and the unexplained will be explained. But tonight's Files comes to or screens with quite a difference. David Duchovny, better known as Mulder, the world's favourite alien hunter, has written an directed The Unnatural, tonight's extravaganza of US disconntentment in a seemingly alien-inactive world. The time is 1947, the place, Roswell, New Mexico. In true X-Files style, Duchovny has set the scene in an eerie US desert in pitch darkness, his contribution to the circumstantial spooks viewers have come to expect. When the Ku Klux Klan invades a baseball diamond where an all-African-American team are taking on an all-white team, things quickly turn unsightly. In the fight the KKK's Grand Dragon is revealed as a grey space alien. Now year's later, Mulder is on a mission to fill in the gaps of the past. Fiona Connolly

Added Thursday, June 17, 1999
Esquire, pt II
Further to my posting on
June 11 below, I stumbled across some scans of the David Duchovny photographs that appeared in the US May issue of Esquire, still available in Australian newsagencies. (There are three versions of the magazine in Australia - a local version plus imports from the US and the UK. Next month's Australian version might have the DD story -- they're usually a month or two behind the US.) I found the scans on HeliX but I feel they were probably originally scanned by Spookys_Girl_99 and posted on her Spooky World website. Anyway, you can read the article and see the photos on my Collectibles page

Added Wednesday, June 16, 1999
Anyone see Profiler last night? There was a cute scene where a kid asked to see an FBI agent's identification badge -- "Cool, just like Agent Mulder" was the reply.

Don't forget to watch tonight's episode - "Milagro". After tonight there are only four more episodes remaining in season six! Drats. It's gonna be a long six months until season seven!

Added Tuesday, June 15, 1999
Saturn Awards
The X-Files was nominated for seven Saturn Awards (the 25th Saturn Awards by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films) and won just one - for best network television series.

Added Monday, June 14, 1999
X-Files Competition
Channel 10 is running an X-Files competition. According to
Kim (who saw an ad that confirmed to her the feeling that) the first prize might be a trip to the set of The X-Files. The trip is for 2 people and to enter you will have to answer a simple question. Full details will be given during The X-Files this week.
Kim on ausxfnews

Melbourne Herald Sun
Yesterday's Melbourne Sunday Herald-Sun's TV Extra supplement had a David Duchovny cover. It is the same photo (however cropped differently) that was on Sydney's Sunday Telegraph's TV supplement a couple of weeks ago. The inside articles are the same (though it should be noted that the Melbourne supplement is missing at least one paragraph). The inside accompaning photos are also different. The Melbourne one has a 'Mulder' photo of David, half smiling.
Kim on ausxfnews

Written on Sunday, June 13, 1999
Pleuritic Ramblings
Well, I'm still sick with pleurisy ... I just can't shake it off ... although I'm not quite as bad as last week. I probably shouldn't be sitting here tapping away at my keyboard but .... Anyway, here's a couple of things that I've missed posting over the last week.

David Duchovny Song
You might have heard about the David Duchovny song from a few different sources ... I still haven't heard the song though. Has anyone heard it played in Australia? Here's a report from Rolling Stone magazine:

Random Notes: Singer-songwriter Bree Sharp turned a fan obsession withDavid Duchovny into a record deal with her witty ode to Fox's fox ("David Duchovny, I want you to love me/To kiss and to hug me, debrief and debug me.") "The song is about David, but it's also about the way fantasy and reality blur," Sharp says. "And how giddy, hot and excellent that can be."

"David Duchovny" not only caught the ear of Trauma Records, but a tape made its way to Duchovny, who put it into heavy rotation in his trailer. "David kept on playing it," says Charles Forsch, assistant to X-Files creator, Chris Carter. Along with another XF assistant, Will Shivers, Forsch created a video for the song, splicing clips of Duchovny (who is currently celebrating the birth of his baby daughter) with on-the-fly footage of celebs like Brad Pitt, Pamela Anderson, and George Clooney lip-synching the lyrics. "Most of the celebrities don't have any relationship with David," Forsch says. "But once they heard the song, they were into it."

The single will be on the radio in June, but don't wait for the video--it's headed for an undisclosed government facility due east of Roswell, New Mexico.

Here's some more news I received this week in an e-mail from Tiny Dancer

Apparently the singer sent the song to the show and Will Shivers (writer's assistant on "Millennium") did a video of it with clips from the show and an amazing list of celebrity cameos lip-synching to the song. How amazing? How about this lineup: Brad Pitt, Jenna Elfman, Charles Nelson Reilly, Garry Shandling, Dennis Franz, Erik Estrada, David Spade, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Calista Flockhart, KISS, Janeane Garfalo, Alex Trebeck, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O'Donnell, George Clooney, Melissa Etheridge, The Vivid Girls, and members of Baywatch among many others. Jerry Springer even added a a hilariously deadpan epilogue. No, the video's not available to the public but with Bree's debut album, "A Cheap and Evil Girl", coming in July, who knows?

And here are the lyrics to the song which I got from Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide

It's Sunday night; I am curled up in my room
The tv light fills my heart like a balloon
I hold it in as best I can; I know I'm just another fan,
But I can't help feeling I could love this secret agent man.....
And I can't wait any more for him to discover me,
I got it bad for David Duchovny
David Duchovny, why won't you love me,
why won't you love me, why won't you love me?

My friends all tell me, "Girl you know it's just a show,"
but deep within his eyes I see me wrapped up like a bow,
Watching the sky for a sign, the FBI's on my mind,
I'm waiting for the day when my lucky stars align
In the form of David Duchovny, floating above me,
in the alien light of the spaceship of love, oh,
David Duchovny, hovering above me,
American Heathcliff, brooding and coming,
David Duchovny, why won't you love me,
why won't you love me, why won't you love me?

So smooth and so smart, he's abducted my heart,
and I'm falling apart from the looks I've received from those eyes;
I can't believe, well you can say I'm naive, but he told me to believe......
My bags are packed, I am ready for my flight,
Gonna put an end to my daydream days and sleepless nights,
Sitting like a mindless clone, wishing he would tap my phone,
Just to hear the breath of the man, the myth, the monotone...
And I would say
David Duchovny, why won't you love me,
why won't you love me, why won't you love me?
David Duchovny, why won't you love me,
why won't you love me, why won't you love me?

David Duchovny, I want you to love me, to kiss
and to hug me, debrief and debug me,
David Duchovny, I know you could love me,
I'm sweet and I'm cuddly,
I'm gonna kill Scully!
David Duchovny, why won't you love me,
why won't you love me, why won't you love me?

There's an MP3 sample file on te following website:
http://www.geocities.com/Area51/7810/bree.html. Thanks, kristy

Letterman Top 10
Hey, The X-Files (Scully, at least) was number one on a Top Ten list on an episode of The Late Show this week.
Top Ten Other Lists Kept By The FBI

10. J. Edgar Hoover Dress and High-Heel Sizes
9. Guests Rosie O'Donnell Has Yelled At
8. Chinese Citizens Who Don't Yet Have U.S. Military Secrets
7. Guys Who Use The Phrase "Okey-Dokey"
6. People Who Are Living A Vida That's A Little Too Loca
5. People Under 80 Who Watch CBS Prime Time
4. Disgruntled Star Wars Fans Who Want Jar Jar Binks Beaten To Death
3. Mother-Daughter Stripper Guests Jerry Springer Has Slept With
2. America's Ten Most Undecided
1. Female Agents Who Are Even One-Tenth As Hot As Scully

This Sunday .... Today's news while it's still fresh
The Sunday Telegraph's TV Guide has a one page story on Chris Owens. It doesn't give much away but it's still reasonably interesting. I find it strange the amount of press he's been getting lately, since Agent Spender was killed!

The Sunday Telegraph also has this week's episode of Chris Carter's other show, "Millennium" in their must-watch category. The Sun-Herald's TV Now has a one page story on Klea Scott who play's Frank Black's new partner in Millennium. Klea Scott used to be in the under-rated cop show Brooklyn South which was a home-away-from-home for X-Files guest actors. I'm not exaggeratring -- the last episode of Brooklyn South had eight actors who've had X-Files roles. Brooklyn South director Michael Watkins has moved on to directing on The X-Files.

Last Sunday
I forgot to mention that The X-Files was mentioned twice in last week's Sunday Life! magazine in the Sun-Herald. In Global Gossip was the following:
Focus (UK). It's all over for The X-Files. After seven series, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are hanging up their alter egos Fox Mulder and Dana Scully and moving on to TV and film pastures new. The science magazine bids the FBI agents farewell and investigates their preferred mode of death to exit the series. Anderson isn't letting on, but Duchovny favours death by auto-erotic asphyxiation.

SFX (UK). The king is dead. Long live the king. The X Files may soon breathe its last gasp, but Chris Carter, the brains behind the series, is moving on to the next files - Harsh Realm. The new show, which Carter promises will "play with reality" in the same way The X Files did, stars SFX cover girl Samantha Mathis. SFX says Harsh Realm will be the vehicle that proves whether there is more to Carter than funny green men or if he is a one-hit (show) wonder.

Snow Files
The new Mark Snow CD, The Snow Files, will be released soon from Sonic Images. Apparently the exact date still hasn't been confirmed. The CD is a compilation of Mark Snow's work from various movies and TV shows, including The X-Files. Check the
Sonic Images web site for more information. Just when it will be available in Australia is anybody's guess.

Girl Boss
Gillian Anderson has written the foreword to a new book called "Girl Boss -- Running the Show Like the Big Chicks" by Stacy Kravetz which is the 1999 Official Book of Ms. Foundation for Women. Check your local book store for availability. You can read the foreword
here .

House Of Mirth
Gillian Anderson is currently in Scotland on a 40-day shoot for her new movie titled "House of Mirth". The movie is being directed by Terence Davies and also stars Eric Stoltz and Dan Aykroyd. Gillian is getting lots of coverage from the British press.

Added Friday, June 11, 1999
The US edition of Esquire magazine ($7.25) is now available in Australia. The mag features David Duchovny on the cover and a (raunchy at times) story inside. Even if you can't afford to buy the magazine, drop by your nearest newsagency and have a look at the photos! They particularly appealed to me. There are two photos of DD doing his Houdini impersonation (wrapped in chains and then dunked in a large tank of water) and another with a great background - two cats flying through the air!

Added Thursday, June 10, 1999
Tune In
The 7 Days TV Guide in today's Daily Telegraph included next week's episode of The X-Files in their Tune In section.

Added Wednesday, June 9, 1999
TV Zone
The latest edition (in Australian newsagencies) of UK mag TV Zone ($11.25) has Mulder and Scully on the cover and a five page story inside -- but nothing we haven't read elsewhere.

Tangential/Off-Topic News
This is tangentially X-Files related. News of a new movie in production from Glen Morgan and James Wong from

Kerr Smith (Dawson's Creek), Chad E. Donella (Disturbing Behavior) andSean William Scott (American Pie) have joined Devon Sawa (Idle Hands) and Ali Larter (Varsity Blues) in the cast of the New Line Cinema thriller "Flight 180". Directors Glen Morgan and James Wong (The X-Files, Space: Above & Beyond) have just begun production on the film, about a teen who has a premonition a plane he's about to take will crash. After he and his friends escape their deaths though, they all start to mysteriously die.

Sounds like an unused X-Files idea to me!

Added Tuesday, June 8, 1999
Sorry about the lack of updates but I've been *really* sick since last Thursday -- the only time I was online was to send out my TAXPA Trivia League answers on Saturday morning. Actually there hasn't been that much happening lately, that I'm aware of anyway. The Sun-Herald on Sunday included a letter to the editor complaining about their Gillian Anderson AA story the previous week and a review of "The Mighty". What else? I saw "The X-Files Movie" CD reduced to $9.50 in Big W last week, if you're still after a copy.

Added Thursday, June 3, 1999
The Mighty ... again
Some people might think all "The Mighty" mentions are off-topic but I don't. This website is about The X-Files and it's actors and crew. That's why there are mentions of outside projects, Millennium etc. Anyway, today's Daily Telegraph had a review of The Mighty. It got four stars and Gillian Anderson was praised for her acting. The only downside is that my local cinema isn't screening the movie yet. : - (

Tangential News
OK, this bit is kind of off-topic ... but the review did mention The X-Files in a very disparaging fashion. In the 7 Days TV Guide of today's Daily Telegraph, they gave the Tune Out gong to a show screening next Monday called UFO: Above and Beyond. The final two sentences claimed the show was trying to cash in on the Star Wars hype and claimed that The X-Files was so "last year" that it wasn't funny.

There's another tangential show on Saturday night about KGB Secrets to do with aliens. Just like Tunguska !

ISP Problems
My ISP is really starting to annoy me. Too many times lately their satellite link to the US hasn't been working which means I can't log in to Tripod to update my site. That means I wasn't able to update Tuesday's or Wednesday's news below until today, Thursday.

Written Wednesday, June 2, 1999
The Mighty
As expected, The Mighty was previewed on tonight's episode of The Movie Show on SBS. David gave the movie only three stars; Margaret gave it four and a half. From what I've seen and heard I'll definitely be lining up to see it.

E! News
I switched on the TV at 8:15pm tonight just in time to see E!News show a piece on David Duchovny, basically a promotion for the two page spread in New Idea, mentioned in yesterday's post.

Written Tuesday, June 1, 1999
"Arcadia" Ratings
Today's Sydney Morning Herald delivered the bad news for last week's episode, with The X-Files demise even making the story headline. "Arcadia" came in at only 113th on the ratings list, copping a hammering from the State of Origin Rugby league match. That got me thinking though ... I may be way off the mark here, but your average X-Files fan doesn't strike me as being a rugby league fan. I wonder how many households that were tuned in to the league had a second set that was tuned in to "The X-Files" ? Personally, I am a league fan (go the mighty
Sharks) but I watched The X-Files last week, flicking over to the league during the ads.

Episode Guide
I've added
Tithonus and S.R. 819 to my season 6 episode guide. Another three to come shortly to get back up-to-date.

Madelaine West
New Idea is advertising the 'first' pictures of Madelaine West Duchovny in this week's issue. Thanks
Kim from ausxfnews

Mark Snow Chat
Further to my post
yesterday, the Mark Snow chat is on at 4pm on Thursday (Australian EST). Thanks Medellia

If you know of any other Australian-related X-Files news you can let me know by sending me an
e-mail. It will be much appreciated and I'll give you credit for the info. Thanks a bunch!

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