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May 1999

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Added Monday, May 31, 1999
The Mighty
The Channel 10 website has a page in their cinema section for "The Mighty" which you can (hopefully) access from This Link. (It mightn't work after today because the section is "Next Month", referring to June!) If you have trouble just click through the links on the Channel 10 website to "Cinema"

Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson appears on the cover of this week's Woman's Day magazine. Inside, there's a two page story on her battle with alcoholism. The standard of writing is pretty much as you would expect from that type of magazine. I saw the mag in the newsagents today, also thanks to my mum and Sunili on the Australian XF News list

Mark Snow Chat
From: The Dominion
Chat with Mark Snow, composer for The X-Files and Millennium
Wednesday, June 2 @ 10pm US Eastern Time/9pm US Pacific Time/3am UK Chat (Can anyone work out what time that is in Australia? I haven't got the patience!) with Mark Snow, the man responsible for the eerie, atmospheric music behind The X-Files TV series and movie. Snow, a five time Emmy nominee, has written the scores for over 70 TV movies and miniseries, as well as series such as La Femme Nikita, Nowhere Man and Millennium. Snow has released numerous CDs, including Songs in the Key of X, The X-Files: The Truth and the Light, the soundtrack to the 1998 film Disturbing Behavior and his latest, The Snow Files, released by Sonic Images.

To chat, visit http://www.scifi.com/chat/chatnow.htmland join #auditorium on the appointed date and time. Requires a java-capable browser. IRC users can connect their chat clients to "events.scifi.com",port 6667.

DD on ET
Don't forget the very brief David Duchovny on Entertainment Tonight today: ET screens at 11:30am in the morning (missed it!) and late late tonight.

Added Sunday, May 30, 1999
Gillian Anderson Alcoholic's (not-so) Anonymous
Today's Sun-Herald has a story about Gillian Anderson in their People in the News section, titled "X-Filer finds truth at an AA meeting". You can read my transcript of the article on the Australian Media page.

David Duchovny's Mystical Mind
Today's Sunday Telegraph's (new glossy) TV Guide has a cover story on David Duchovny.

David Duchovny's Stellar Body
Today's Sunday Telegraph also features David Duchovny in their regular "Stellar Bodies" column in the Health section. Tea Leoni featured in the same column back on April 18, which had a few DD references.

The Mighty
Today's Sunday Telegraph also features a full page story on The Mighty, centering around Kieran Culkin.

Site Updates
I've updated a lot of pages on this site: namely Australian Media, Links, Webrings, Season 6 Episode Guide and the Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny pages.

Added Saturday, May 29, 1999
David Duchovny on ET
According to both Fiona and Kim on the Australian XF News list , David Duchovny will be appearing on Monday's edition of Entertainment Tonight on Channel 9/WIN. He'll be talking about his upcoming movie "Return To Me", mentioned previously on my post for March 21.

The Mighty
Don't forget that after numerous delays and rescheduling, that movie we've all been waiting for premieres on Thursday, June 3. Forget the crowds flocking to "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" and go watch Gillian Anderson in "The Mighty"! There should be previews in the Sunday papers tomorrow; plus a review on The Movie Show (SBS) and a short snippet on E! News (10).

Written Friday, May 28, 1999 but
Added Saturday, May 29, 1999 because of problems with my ISP
Sci-Fi TV
The latest issue of US magazine Sci-Fi TV is on sale in Australian newsagencies (at the rather expensive price of $14.25). It includes a one page X-Files news wrap-up plus a four page story on the two characters everyone loves to hate, Jeff Spender and Diana Fowley. I didn't buy the magazine but I ignored the "no reading" signs and read probably two pages (the Spender section) which was quite interesting. I hope nobody classes this as a spoiler -- after all Spender is dead, right? -- but Chris Owens has come up with a rather elaborate scanario (in his own mind?) where he guesses that Spender isn't really dead (we didn't see a body) and that he's now behind the scenes gathering information on CGB Spender's activities.

Added Tuesday, May 25, 1999
Ratings for "Monday"
The X-Files contnues to struggle in Sydney. In today's Sydney Morning Herald, the ratings for last week's "Monday" episode put the show in 60th place overall with 319,900 viewers. The X-Files was Channel 10's ninth most popular show of the week.

Sci-Fi Universe
The latest issue of the US magazine Sci-Fi Universe includes a pic of David Duchovny and Tea Leoni at the Golden Globe Awards plus a mail-in award page where you can vote for The X-Files and it's stars in a number of different categories.

Tomorrow's episode is "Arcadia". I'm aiming to have it in my episode guide this weekend along with the other missing season six episodes. There'll be no update tomorrow or Thursday because I'll be away from home for work again.

Australian X-Files News List
Medellia has started a News List so if you're interested in Aussie XF news (and you must be if you're rading this page) why don't you Subscribe to the Australian XF News list now! Do it!

Added Monday, May 24, 1999
What ... updates two days in a row?
gillian on dreamwatchAs I've mentioned before, overseas magazines are fairly expensive since the value of the Aussie dollar dropped. If you're an avid X-Files collector though, one UK magazine that is probably worth the $10.75 (if you've got any spare cash) is the latest issue of Dreamwatch which I spotted in the newsagents for the first time today. It has a large photo of Gillian Anderson on the cover, a good story inside about season six (i.e. the effects of the move to LA) and a bonus of two very nice looking prints - one of Gillian Anderson and the other of her with David Duchovny.

One Son
Don't you just hate it when you buy something and the store reduces the price drastically? If you paid the $24.95 for "One Son" when it was first released two months ago you should feel a bit miffed. It's already been reduced to just $14.95 in Grace Brothers! If you haven't bought a copy yet, here's a chance for a real bargain.

The next special edition video release will be "The X-Files Mini Movie: Dreamland" on October 13. Yes, that's 1013, Chris Carter's birthday! From Medellia's Realm

David Duchovny on Entertainment Tonight
According to Medellia's Realm, David Duchovny should be on today's Australianised edition of ET, talking about the birth of Madelaine.

Added Sunday, May 23, 1999
Playing Catch Up
Mmmm... back again after being out of action for a week due to work committments. Looking back over the past week though, not a lot has happened as far as X-Files goes. If anyone knows anything interesting, please share! I got to see "Monday" which was very good actually (it appeared that our favourite show was slipping into a really bad mid-season slump for a while) and next week's "Arcadia" also looks promising ... for some brilliant Mulderisms and Scullyisms if nothing else. Can't hardly wait.

While I was "out of town" I spotted some really cheap X-Files books in a Coles Supermarket of all places. They had a few of the teen novels as well as The X-Files Map for just $2.99.

If you've read Medellia's Realm lately, you would have noticed that Gillian Anderson's "Playing By Heart" has been delayed again ... it's now due out on July 22. Don't hold your breath.

As far as the next update of this site goes, this week is also limited because I'll be in Sydney for a couple of days. As soon as I get a chance to catch my breath (next weekend, maybe?) I'll try and get the season six episodes done for my Episode Guide.

Off topic -- Millennium
How many X-Files fans also enjoy Chris Carter's other show, "Millennium"? I certainly do and the good news is that season 3 debuts on Channel 7/Prime on Tuesday! "Profiler", which owes it's existence to "The X-Files" but is a fine show in it's own right (IMHO) also returns on Tuesday, right before "Millennium".

Added Sunday, May 16, 1999
The X-Files Movie
Woo hoo! If you bought any of the AusWave 3 videos released during the week and watched the promos, you would have noticed that the new release date for the X-Files Movie: Special Edition is now August 11, a whole month earlier than Fox previously announced.

On location X-perience
Today's Sun-Herald has a story on Vancouver in the Travel section titled On Location X-Perience (using The X-Files X logo), detailing movie/TV shows filmed there. Naturally, The X-Files is mentioned (about six paragraphs worth) and there's a photo of David Duchovny. There's also a website for more information: http://www.x-tour.com.

Today's Sun-Herald TV Now liftout has a full page story on Chris Owens who plays Jeffrey Spender titled X Marks The Spot. The timing is a little curious seeing as Spender was killed off in the recent One Son episode. I *really* hope one of his comments is not a spoiler. 'nuff said.

Instant TV Replay
Today's Sunday Telegraph has a story, using the X-Files an example with a pic of S&M to boot, of a new device called a tapeless video that automatically records the TV show you're watching which you can pause in real time and resume when you're ready. It sounds pretty stupid to me ... for "washed out colors and fuzzy edges and audio quality drop" you shell out between $500 and $1,000 plus a $15 monthly fee! Sure, fine, whatever.

New X-Files Novel
You can read a review of the new X-Files novel "Skin" at Another Universe. The novel should be available from Australian bookstores soon.

Next Update
Just letting you know that I won't be able to update this site until Thursday, at the earliest.

Added Friday, May 14, 1999
X-Files Ratings
Popularity of The X-Files, in Sydney at least, seems to be slip sliding away, if the latest ratings are anything to judge by. In Tuesday's Sydney Morning Herald, ratings for the previous week's "Tithonus" episode saw the show slip down to 68th. There were 314,800 viewers which placed X-Files just 10th most popular show on Channel 10. What I find hard, -- no, impossible -- to believe is that E! News is more popular!! I doubt this week's "Agua Mala" monstrosity will make the SMH ratings list at all.

Playing By Heart
Anyone waiting to see the Gillian Anderson movie "Playing By Heart" will be disappointed to learn that the movie, scheduled to open yesterday, has been given the old heave-ho and pushed back to June 25. Thanks Medellia

The latest issue of Life magazine has a feature story on The Shows That Changed The Face of Television. In the 90's The X-Files is mentioned (ever so briefly) as one of those shows and there's a pic of Mulder and Scully.

The latest catalogue from Another Universe arrived in my (snail) mailbox today. There's mainly Star Wars and Buffy merchandise in this issue but there is an X-Files page. The X-Files Barbie Dolls ($US79.95) are shown, along with a great looking statue of the alien from the movie ($US175) plus statues of Mulder and Scully ($US199.95 for the pair). There are the movie action figures, official magazines and guide books. I noticed that "Resist Or Serve" is the same price as the previous "I Want To Believe" book. There was no massive price hike like we had in Australia. All those items should be available in Australia if you look hard enough.

Added Wednesday, May 12, 1999
X-Files Videos
The latest X-Files videos, which we'll dub AusWave3, (tapes 6-8) were officially released today although, as usual, they were available in some stores as early as Monday. For further details see the posting on May 4 below.

Added Monday, May 10, 1999
Site Updates
Well, there hasn't been much updating of late because of time constraints with all the other things going on in my life. It's a struggle to spend any time online actually but... I have managed to update a number of episodes in season 6 , added extra information and generally tidied things up. I can't see myself adding any missing episodes from seasons 1-5 in the near future though.

I've also added some stories to my Australian Media page.

Added Sunday, May 9, 1999
Sunday Telegraph
There's a small story in today's Sunday Telegraph, but it's old news about David Duchovny upsetting GLAAD about some unguarded comments a while back.

Scully Marathon (Perth) Part II
Kellie informs me that the Perth Scully Marathon (refer May 4 below) has been put back to June 12.

Added Thursday, May 6, 1999
X-Files Ratings for "One Son"
I forgot to add the ratings from Tuesday's Sydney Morning Herald for the previous week's "One Son" episode. The show attracted 361,200 viewers in Sydney which placed it 52nd overall. It was Channel 10's sixth most popular show of the week.

Added Tuesday, May 4, 1999
Scully Marathon (Perth)
The Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE) in cooperation with the Gillian Anderson Web Site (GAWS) is hosting a Scully Marathon to help raise funds for Neurofibromatosis, Inc., an organization for which Gillian Anderson is the US national spokesperson. OBSSE has nominated twelve episodes (Jose Chung's From Outer Space, Redux II, Small Potatoes, Pusher, One Breath, Irresistible, All Souls, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, Never Again, Bad Blood, Beyond the Sea and Memento Mori) for the marathon. The idea is to get sposnorship for each episode you successfulyl watch in succession. For more details check out the OBSSE Marathon page.

Australian fans (in Western Australia at least) can join in because there will be a marathon in Perth on May 29. For more details contact Kellie.

X-Files Videos
I was wondering if Fox were going to stick to the US releases for the next Wave of videos -- after all we already had the Duane Barry trilogy as File 3: Abduction. We lucky Australians will be able to buy three new tapes on May12 which contain two season 2 episodes for $19.95 each. They are Humbug/Sleepless, Little Green Men/The Host and Irresistible/Die Hand Die Verletzt. Some truly classic episodes there, sans adverts! Info from Medellia's Realm.

Movie Guide
I spotted a newish magazine today called White's Guide to Movies and while it doesn't have any specific X-Files related stories, it contains a mass of lists, tables and charts (taking probably a third of the mag). The actor power rating is quite interesting -- David Duchovny is languishing way down the bottom while Gillian Anderson is in the top 10. Gillian Anderson's movie "Playing By Heart" isn't doing that great though and was listed at number 20 on the movie failure lists for the year. It opens in Australia on May 13 so it will be interesting to see how it does here.

Notice the scarcity of X-Files merchandise lately? Personally, I haven't spotted much at all in any store. Well, according to the latest The X-Files Resource Newsletter # 02, the situation is going to be even worse with Chris Carter not renewing most merchandise licences in the US. Some of the specific items that will vanish from the market place include t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, posters and badges.

US People Online Poll
US People magazine have just released their "50 Most Beautiful People of 1999," and Gillian Anderson, on the list for the past three or four years, didn't make it this year. If you're using AOL, you can vote for her in their online poll though, at the People website.

Gist TV Star Online Polls
You can also vote for Gillian Anderson in the Gist TV Star "Sexiest Actress" poll at the Gist TV Star website. You can also vote for David Duchovny as either "Sexiest" or "Worst" actor, X-Files as Best Show, Mulder and Scully as Sexiest Couple etc.

Added Monday, May 3, 1999
David Duchovny News Explosion
Everyone seems to be intersted in how David Duchovny is going to handle being a father. In today's magazine releases there are stories in TV Week (there's a small DD pic on the cover and a two page story inside, which originally appeared in the US TV Guide); New Weekly (The X-Child) and Who Weekly (Happy X-panded Family).

The May issue of Collectormania, out today, mentions the regular Sci-Fi Fairs that take place about every six months at Parramatta Town Hall in Sydney. The next Fair is on this coming Saturday, May 8. There's sure to be some X-Files collectibles up for grabs.

Added Sunday, May 2, 1999
Minor Mentions
In the Express Entertainment section of the Sunday Telegraph there's a small piece on David Duchovny and Tea Leoni having a "nameless" baby last week. According to the post on April 30 the child does have a name already. There was also a story on how "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" is affecting the release dates of other movies. Village isn't shying away though and "The Mighty" was mentioned as one new movie going up against it on June 3. BTW, the release date of Gillian Anderson's "Playing By Heart" remains unchanged -- it starts May 13. Refer to my post of March 19.

If you know of any other Australian-related X-Files news you can let me know by sending me an e-mail. It will be much appreciated and I'll give you credit for the info. Thanks a bunch!

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