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April 1999

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This page contains "Australian specific" news for the month of April 1999:

Added Friday, April 30, 1999
Baby Duchovny Has a Name
"Tea and I are very ecstatic," David Duchovny says over the baby daughter he and wife Tea Leoni had on April 24. "We're going to be raising her to be a Knicks fan," he is quoted as saying in the upcoming People Magazine. The name of the baby -- the couple's first -- is reportedly Madelaine West Duchovny. The baby was a week late, "X-Files" co-star Mitch Pileggi told People. "It was nerve-racking (for David, but) I heard he handled the birth very well."
Thanks wherever.

Added Wednesday, April 28, 1999
Ratings for "Two Fathers"
In the weekly Sydney television ratings, today's Sydney Morning Herald lists last week's X-Files episode, "Two Fathers", in 44th position with an audience of 378,700. The show was Channel 10's 6th best for the week behind "The Simpsons". That must be fairly disappointing for Ten, but I guess a lot of people bought the video and didn't bother watching again and sitting though all the ads.

Added Tuesday, April 27, 1999
Baby Duchovny
Congratulations to David Duchovny and Tea Leoni on the birth of their child over the weekend. The following is an Associated Press clip of the news:
Los Angeles (AP) -- Actors David Duchovny of "The X-Files" and Tea Leoni of "Deep Impact" have welcomed their first child, a girl, into the world.

The baby was born Saturday at an undisclosed Southern California hospital, said Annett Wolf. The girl weighed 7 1/2 pounds and was 20 1/2 inches long, said Ms. Wolf, the couple's publicist.

There were no complications during the natural birth, Wolf said. "Mother and baby are doing beautifully," she said Sunday.

The baby's name was not immediately announced.

Duchovny, 38, wed Leoni, 33, on May 6, 1997. It is his first marriage and her second. The child is a first for both.

Who Weekly
This week's edition of Who Weekly includes a story, in the TV section, on Nic Lea (Krycek). For some reason it appears under the Thursday programs!

Entertainment Insiders
It's not Australian news but ... Gillian Anderson was named the Sexiest Actress of 1998 at the 4th Annual EI Awards on the Entertainment Insiders website. Gillian won with 290 votes (one of those votes was mine!) ahead of runner-up Catherine Zeta-Jones with 257 votes.

X-Files Videos
Most video outlets now have ex-rental copies of The X-Files Movie selling for around the $20 mark. If you're a totally addicted fan make sure you pick up a copy because when the movie is released for sale on video in September it will be a slightly different (i.e. a few added scenes) version. In other words, the video store versions are collectible.

The next lot of videos for sale, (Wave 3 Videos 6-8) should be out in May but I still haven't seen a firm date at this time.

Added Sunday, April 25, 1999
Lack of Updates
Mmmm ... there's not much happening at the moment which would explain the lack of news updates on this site ... plus I've been out and about doing other things for the past few days. Actually, today's the first time I've turned my PC on in 3 days!! I also haven't had time to do any more episode guide updates but they will be done ... eventually :-)

As you would have seen from my main page, Tithonus has been confimed as airing on May 5. This will be the first episode shown out of sequence from the North American air dates.

Added Tuesday, April 20, 1999
X-Files Ratings
Last week's episode, "S.R. 819" failed to make the ratings chart in today's Sydney Morning Herald.

Another Universe
Another Universe catalogue arrived in the mail today, all the way from Viriginia, USA. While this isn't strictly Australian news you can buy things by mail order. It also gives me the opportunity to plug Paper Clip: The Australian X-Files Merchandise and News Resource, where you will find information on merchandise that is already available in Australia.

Anyway, here's advance warning on the following XF items:
If anybody is interested in ordering something by mail order send me an e-mail and I'll let you know all the details. Be warned though, by the time you add postage and convert to Australian dollars the items are very expensive.

Other committments kept me offline yesterday, and prevented uploading the following:
Written Monday, April 19, 1999
Uploaded Tuesday, April 20, 1999

TV Week
The X-Files features in this week's TV Week with Mulder and Scully on the cover. (It's an old photo BTW - it appeared on the cover of Drum last July.) The cover blurb reads "X-Files special. Behind the scenes with David Duchovny... Plus! Sneak stroylines!"

The 3-page story (which is a bit hard to read because of the way it's printed - white on red/black checks is a shocker) is titled "Operation: Desert"

New Weekly
The X-Files is also mentioned in this week's New Weekly magazine. This week's episode "Two Fathers" is the Pick of The Week - i.e. the best show on TV this week. There's a small photo of Scully and another of Cancer Man.

Added Sunday, April 18, 1999
Two Fathers
Today's Sun-Herald includes this week's "Two Fathers" episode in the This Week column of their TV Now liftout:
The first of a two-part episode, is supposed to reveal all the secrets regular viewers are dying to know. As usual, it ends up raising more questions than it answers. Simultaneously tantalising and frustrating.

Added Saturday, April 17, 1999
Net Directory
The latest Autumn issue of Australian Net Directory (it comes out quarterly) has a feature on fan fiction. A smallish pic of Mulder and Scully appears on the cover while inside two X-Files fan-fiction sites, both on Geocities, are mentioned: Mark of X-cellence and X-Files/Silk Stalkings. I don't have the URLs but you should be able to find them fairly easily. If you're into fan-fic you probably already know them.

Thumbs Up for "S.R. 819"
It's a bit old, I know, but The Sydney Morning Herald gave last week's episode the Thumbs Up in their Guide liftout. I'll include the transcript on my episode guide page for "S.R. 819" when I get it done early next week.

Added Thursday (night), April 15, 1999
Two Fathers
Today's Daily Telegraph gives a review of next week's "Two Fathers" episode in the Tune In column of their 7 Days TV guide:
It's finally here; an end to the speculation. And what a confusing wrap-up of the alien conspiracy theory this is. Told by the cigarette smoking man over two nights, we discover why Mulder's sister was abducted and unravel the mystery surrounding the cigarette man's supreme power. In short, the truth was always out there - except now you'll see how mundane that really is. After years of zombies, aliens and things that go bump in the night, it's hard to be shocked by anything that happens on the Files. The real truth is that unless you're a fan you'll probably find this boring. Stick with it if you can. Next week in the second part of this tell-all, the pace gets faster. Hopefully now we can get back to the spooky themes that made us love The X-Files in the first place.
Kate DeBrito
Channel Ten Website
I briefly checked out the new Channel 10 Website last night after seeing it's launch mentioned on the news. I've got to say it's a marked improvement on their original site but I won't pass final judgement until I do a bit more surfing. On the surface, their X-Files page looks quite good though and I noticed a few of the usual suspects have already made their impression on the Message Board! :-)

I sent an e-mail to Channel 10 asking about "Tithonus". I'll let you lnow if they reply.

Added Thursday (morning), April 15, 1999
Next week's episode??
All I can say is: "What happened to "Tithonus" ????? "

Added Wednesday, April 14, 1999
Civic Video Competition
I picked up a Civic Video magazine today and they have the identical "One Son" competition as Network Video below. Just send your answer with your name, address and phone number to the address below (see April 13).
Win! Win!
X-Files One Son Promotion
X-Files X-Posed!
The conspiracy is finally exposed, and after five years of questions the secrets are revealed first on video. You can expect to find out the mystery behind the bees, the black oil, Scully and Samantha's abduction and of course, who could forget the Cigarette Smoking Man? All will be exposed in this explosive video, entitled One Son. X-Files fans shouldn't miss this opportunity to win the tape that reveals all along with a framed photograph of Gillian Anderson. Eighteen runners-up will win the X-Files One Son tape. Get prepared and tell us in 25 words (or less) who is the most mysterious character in the X-Files and why?
Fight The Future
According to their magazine, Civic Video also has ex-rental copies of The X-Files Movie video for sale. They should have been available on April 1, but my local store still doesn't have them for sale however.

The new May issue of NetGuide has a sci-fi feature - The X-Files is mentioned a few times.

Who Weekly
The TV guide in this week's Who Weekly has "Two Fathers" scheduled for next Wednesday (April 21). I hope this is an error, unless Channel 10 is going to skip "Tithonus". We'll just have to wait and see what the promo is after tonight's "S.R. 819".

Added Tuesday, April 13, 1999
Ratings for "Rain King"
In the weekly Sydney television ratings, today's Sydney Morning Herald lists last week's X-Files episode, "Rain King", in 54th position with an audience of 323,400. The show was Channel 10's 5th best for the week behind "The Simpsons", "Seven Days", "The Panel" and "Ten News". The X-Files' timeslot rival, "Blue Heelers", which won a bagful of Logie Awards on Sunday, was Channel 7's top show (4th overall).

Episode Guide Update
I've added last week's "Rain King" to my episode guide. If you liked Sheila, you might like to check the Official Victoria Jackson Website. Tomorrow night's episode is called "S.R. 819" although a few newspapers/magazines have listed it simply as "S.R."

Network Video "One Son" Competition
From Medellia's Realm is news that there is an X-Files competition in the Network Video Magazine where you can win a "One Son" video and a framed autographed photo of Gillian Anderson. To win you have to write in 25 words or less (that's the way most competitions are going these days) who is the most mysterious character in The X-Files and why? Entries are to be sent to:
What's Hot on Video
GPO Box 4498 RR
Melbourne VIC 8050
Entries close April 30.

Added Sunday, April 11, 1999
Greetings From Planet Earth
I'm back. No, I wasn't abducted by aliens. The reason there hasn't been an update for five days is that I suffered an eye injury on Tuesday night and had a trip to the doctor's on Wednesday. That meant no computer use for a few days while I recovered. I've just caught up on last Wednesday's XF episode and should have an episode guide for it completed by tomorrow. Wearing an eye patch is no fun. Now I know how Kramer felt on "Seinfeld"!

Paper Clip
Yesterday Paper Clip: The Australian X-Files Merchandise and News Resource was launched. This new web site is a collaboration between Medellia's Realm and The X-Files Australian Conne-X-ion and I'd just like to thank Medellia for all the work she's done setting up the site. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

Australian Merchandise
I've closed my Australian Merchandise page because all the information and more is now available on Paper Clip: The Australian X-Files Merchandise and News Resource

Added Tuesday, April 6, 1999
X-Files Ratings, pt II
As a follow-up to the item posted on March 30 (refer the Information Kiosk March archive) I did a little more research at lunch-time today ... yes, you can still find some information in a library that you can't find on the internet! I now have the ratings for all the season 6 episodes. This refers to Sydney ratings, so if anyone has access to ratings in other states I'd love to hear from them.

Everything's fairly self-explanatory. The "Ranking on ch 10" column is how the X-Files compares against other channel 10 programs only. I find this very interesting ... why does 10 treat XF viewers so shabbily (no repeats etc) when it's one of their most popular shows? How AC Nielsen can determine the number of viewers to any degree of certainty (based on the small survey sample each week) is beyond me.

Date Episode Rating Ranking on
Ch 10
February 10 The Beginning 41 5 354,600
February 17 Drive 32 2 372,600
February 24 Triangle 35 3 365,900
March 3 Dreamland 66 Not in top 10 unknown
March 10 Dreamland II 56 5 309,500
March 17 How The Ghosts Stole Christmas 38 4 372,400
March 24 Terms of Endearment 57 9 297,800
March 31 no episode screened na na na

Added Monday, April 5, 1999
Entertainment Tonight
The David Duchovny clip appeared on this morning's Entertainment Tonight episode. It mainly dealt with David and Tea Leoni's baby ... due any day now ... and wasn't terribly exciting. It was filmed on the set of the upcoming DD directed X-Files episode and doesn't really give anything away ... apart from seeing who the guest-star is and what clothes he's wearing. If you consider that a spoiler don't bother setting the VCR for the repeat screening late late tonight on 9/WIN. Again, check your local guide for times.

Episode Guide Updates
I've added "Unusual Suspects", "Post Modern Prometheus", "Mind's Eye", "All Souls" and "Pine Bluff Variant" to my episode guide. I've also added some extra informaiton to both "Folie A Deux" and "The End".

Medellia's Realm
Check out Medellia's Realm to see her very nice looking new layout : - )

Added Sunday, April 4, 1999
Sunday Telegraph
News sure has been slow lately : - ) The only XF mention in the weekend newspapers is a small review of the "One Son" video in the Sunday Telegraph TV Guide today which gave it 3 stars (from 5).

Sundry Updates
I've done some (mainly cosmetic) changes to all the episodes in my season six episode guide, added a bit of info here and there, a pic or two and tidied some things up. I've also tidied my Links page although it needs a good overhaul as soon as I get the time. I've also added a Gallery on my Gillian Anderson page - my favourite 12 GA pics.

Added Saturday, April 3, 1999
Episode Guide Update
I've added "Terms Of Endearment" to my episode guide.

Added Friday, April 2, 1999
*Spoiler* Entertainment Tonight
If you're not afraid of spoilers, tonight's (repeat) episode of "Entertainment Tonight" includes a story on David Duchovny's upcoming baseball episode where he is writer/director. Check your TV guides for screening times. The clip didn't appear on the episode ... blame the new Australian format of the show to tie in with Woman's Day magazine.

Duchovny is having "fun" with all the web sites who report all the spoilers by continually changing the title of the episode - as writer/director he has naming rights. It's gone from "Black Sun" to "Shades Of Grey" to "The Unnatural" to "Black Diamond" and will probably be called something else by the time it screens in Australia. Thanks to Tiny Dancer for the information.

If you know of any other Australian-related X-Files news you can let me know by sending me an e-mail. It will be much appreciated and I'll give you credit for the info. Thanks a bunch!

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