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October 2000

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Added Tuesday, October 31, 2000
Filming of Nicholas Lea's latest movie, called Ignition, has been completed and it will be released some time in 2001. It stars Bill Pullman and Lena Olin. Also in the cast are X-Files guests Doug Abrahams (he's been in 5 episodes including the Pilot; and Genderbender with Nic Lea) and Hrothgar Mathews (Jersey Devil and Talitha Cumi).

Added Monday, October 30, 2000
david duchovny photo from yourtherapist.comDavid Duchovny's Therapist
In this week's Who Weekly, the My Favourite Website is provided by David Duchovny (there's a small photo). The website? yourtherapist.com.
"I am free now to really explore my best -- not only acting, but writing and directing. I know how to get out of my own way, so that I can express myself more creatively. I have learned to overcome those negative hidden, inner voices." David Duchovny.

Vertical Limit
Vertical Limit, (see below) has an Official Website.

Added Sunday, October 29, 2000
Lucy's Media Roundup
There is a photo of Gillian Anderson with Jamie Lee Curtis in Womans Day and another photo of GA in Who Weekly. New Weekly has a half page article on The X-Files while New Idea had a small photo of David Duchovny in the Do you resemble someone famous? section where a reader sent in a photo of a co worker and commented that he resembled DD. In Style has a half page article on GA and Marian Wright Edelman on page145. There is also a 1 page article on Nicholas Lea in the Nov/Dec Cinescape.

According to the Hoyts website, Nicholas Lea's movie Vertical Limit will be released here on December 21. Finally there is a review of First Person Shooter in Monday's Northern Territory News green pages TV section (Ch 8 up there has finally started showing the rest of Series 7 after taking XF off some time ago to make way for Stingers) along with a photo of DD.

The above from Lucy-- thanX as always:

Also noticed a review of Gun Shy (featuring Mitch Pileggi) in Who Weekly - they gave it an F so be warned. There was also a review of the video in today's Sun-Herald and it too gave it a negative review.

Added Friday, October 27, 2000
From BIFA, the British Independent Film Awards official website, Gillian Anderson has been named as 2000 Best Actress for her role in House Of Mirth.

There have been rumours the past two seasons that didn't eventuate but after seven years, the opening credits for The X-Files will be modified for season 8 to reflect the series' new dynamics and cast member. According to About X-Files Fans Guide, "[the] opening credits have changed. What we know and love at the beginning [remains] and then they change when the badges come up. New photos for Mulder and Scully plus a Doggett badge. We then see a fetus, Mulder falling into the eye from the end of the credits, only the eye is now Scully's, [followed by] 'The Truth is Out There.'"

Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick are on the cover of the latest issue of Cinescape. There have been a number of X-Files articles on the Cinescape website this week, inculding season 8 episode guide and pics plus stories on Mitch Pileggi, Robert Patrick and Gillian Anderson.

US TV Guide
The November 4 issue of US TV Guide will feature three collector's covers, one for each of David Duchovny, Robert Patrick and Gillian Anderson. They look great! If you have any US penpals/friends I suggest begging them to get you a copy (or all three).

Monster In A Box
The US Museum of Television and Radio's latest offering in both New York and Los Angeles, "Monster in a Box: Horror on Television", is a salute to mystery and terror on television, with The Post-Modern Prometheus selected to represent The X-Files in the exhibit. Other shows featured include The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the series that served as inspiration for Chris Carter, Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

Gunmen Geeks Get A Pretty Break
Added a short article to my Lone Gunmen page.

Added Thursday, October 26, 2000
gillian andersonFor the second straight year, Gillian Anderson is part of American Greetings Screamail, where you can send a Halloween e-card featuring a GA scream. American Greetings are donating funds to Gillian's nominated charity, Artists for a New South Africa.

Added Saturday, October 21, 2000
Magazine News
This week's TV Week (page 4) has a large photo of Gillian Anderson with a short article about her House of Mirth role. There is a paragraph on GA in Woman's Day as well. The September/October Cinescape had a full page photo of GA and a 1 page article on X Files but once again it is overpriced at over $18 at the newsagent. Shop around because comic shops sell it for less and they get it by air compared to surface at the newsagent.
ThanX Lucy.

Return To Me... Last Chance
For anyone who lives in Melbourne, there's a last chance to see the David Duchovny movie Return To Me on the big screen. The Astor is showing Return To Me on October 29 at 2pm in a double feature with American Beauty.
ThanX Fiona on ausxfnews.

Added Thursday, October 19, 2000
Single Mum
This from IMDb:
Gillian Anderson's Single Mother Struggle
Gillian Anderson is determined to give her daughter Piper as normal an upbringing as possible - and feels terminal guilt about having landed her with a famous mother. Anderson, who is bringing up six-year-old Piper as a single mother, is determined to do everything she can to shield her from showbiz, and her fame. She says, "I will not take her to premieres. When she's around, I run in the other direction if I see somebody approaching for an autograph. I just don't want her to witness me being special in any way." And Anderson, who took Piper to London over the summer and revelled in travelling on the tube unrecognized, says her small daughter can leave her convulsed with guilt for not paying her enough attention. She says, "There was one time when I was trying to get this house ready for us to move into, and in between my schedule and working on the house - it was insane - she just had a complete breakdown. And she asked me, 'Mommy, do you love your work more than me?'" Anderson adds, "My wish for her is that she grows up knowing how much she's loved and loving herself to the degree that she doesn't have to hurt herself."
Entertainment Tonight
Gillian Anderson was on Entertainment Tonight a couple of days ago (Tuesday Australian time) and they asked her about how her new X-Files leading man (Robert Patrick) was going to live up to David Duchovny, and she said, "I think it's going to be good. It's going to be interesting." They also had a shot of her with Jamie Lee Curtis where they were guests at Los Angeles AIDS Walk, held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.
From Dee.

Added Wednesday, October 18, 2000
Non XF Roles and alumni news
Nothing much to report. Was flicking thru last week's copy of TV Week at my sister's place the other day and noticed a short bit on David Duchovny and his new Evolution movie; as well as a photo of Gillian Anderson at the New York premiere of House Of Mirth where her fashion sense was maligned.

This is even more off-topic, but The Sydney Morning Herald had an interview with Dan Aykroyd last week about House Of Mirth. The story is a copy of a London Sunday Telegraph article.

Some more X-Files alumni news... For those who haven't yet seen The Green Mile, it's been available on video in Australia for a couple of weeks now. Doug Hutchinson (Tooms) has a major role while Jeffrey DeMunn (Dr Bronschweig in The X-Files Movie) also had a significant role. Also had the misfortune of seeing the recent straight-to-video release of Python which has Chris Owens (Spender/Mutato/Young Cancer Man) in the cast as well as a large but uncredited (in IMBD, at least) role by Gary Grubbs (Sheriff Aren in Our Town and Fire Captain Cooles in The X-Files Movie).

Meanwhile, Jet Li will play the lead in The One, a new movie to to be produced / directed by Jim Wong from a script he co-wrote with X-Files writing partner Glen Morgan. The movie is about a cop who must fight his evil double from a parallel universe in order to save himself and the world.

In recent video release The Hurricane, you'll spot Harris Yulin (Cardinal O'Fallon in Hollywood AD) and Badja Djola (Neech Manley in The List).

New movie release Boiler Room stars Giovanni Ribisi (DPO).

Added Friday, October 13, 2000
Evolution News
This from IMDb:
Duchovny Returning To Sci-Fi -- In Movie
David Duchovny has told a French Internet chat site that he will star in Ivan Reitman's comedy/sci-fi film Evolution, playing "a professor who is charged with saving the world from aggressive aliens." As reported today (Tuesday) by Britain's Empire magazine's online site, Duchovny will be starring opposite Julianne Moore, who is currently winding up work in the Silence of the Lambs, The (1991) sequel, Hannibal, in which she plays Clarice Starling, the character played by Jodie Foster in the original film. Asked about appearing in another sci-fi movie, Duchovny remarked, "I think that it's a transition that will take me away from the X-Files towards other roles."
IMDb info on Evolution

Harsh Realm
Episode 2 of Harsh Realm screens on 7/Prime tonight at midnight EST.

Today is Chris Carter's birthday.

Added Wednesday, October 11, 2000
The Mask
No, this has nothing to do with Jim Carrey. The Mask Project was where various celebrities, including Gillian Anderson, decorated masks which are being auctioned on mlive.com to raise money for the Hospice of Michigan. Bidding closes on October 27. You can see GA's mask here.

Site Birthday
Wow, my humble little X-Files site has been online two years today :-)

Added Saturday, October 07, 2000
The long-awaited Flukeman action figure is finally available. You can read an article with details how to purchase a figure at xfiles.about.com and also see a large pic here.

Added Thursday, October 5, 2000
XF alumni news: slightly off-topic but I'm sure it'll be of interest to someone :-)
First Wave
Two years after it's US debut, The First Wave finally appears on Aussie TV tonight at 10:30pm. The First Wave is a sci-fi series created by Chris Brancato who pushes his X-Files conneXion to the max, but it's a tenuous link as his claim to fame is as co-writer of a single, albeit fan-favourite, episode, namely Eve. Brancato isn't the only X-Files link as he's used a number of XF guests as stars for The First Wave. These are Sebastian Spence (Dep Barney Paster in Home), Rob LaBelle (Brad in Ghost In The Machine) and Roger R Cross (roles in Folie A Deux, Pusher and Fresh Bones). There are also some well-known XF guest stars who make a guest appearance on The First Wave including Gillian Barber (Penny Northern) in episode 4; Rebecca Toolan (Mrs Mulder) in ep. 7; Zach Ansley (Billy Miles) in ep 17 and Tyler Labine (Stoner in War Of The Coprohages and Quagmire).

Here is The First Wave Offical Site.

Harsh Realm
Further to the info below, Harsh Realm makes it's Australian debut (late) tomorrow night. Harsh Realm was Chris Carter's short-lived third series and he used lots of X-Filers in the production. The producers list is virtually all X-Files staff, directors include Daniel Sackheim and Bryan Spicer while Mark Snow does the music, Toby Lindala the makeup and so on. The series starred Scott Bairstow (Samuel in Miracle Man); Terry O'Quinn (Fight The Future and Aubrey; plus Millennium) and Sarah-Jane Redmond (Aubrey and Schizogeny; as well as being a Millennium regular as evil incarnate).

The opening episode features an uncredited appearance from Lance Henriksen (Millennium) and Gillian Anderson does an uncredited voiceover. Guests in the first ep. include Russell Porter (Scott in Syzygy) and D Neil Mark (small role in Pusher).

Guests in next week's second episode include Australian born John Pyper-Ferguson (Det Kresge in Christmas Carol/Emily plus a role in F Emasculata), Chilton Crane (Sharon in Max/Tempus Fugit plus roles in F Emasculata and Miracle Man), Mark Rolston (Richard Odin in Red Museum) and Tyler Thompson (Louis in Detour).

Ep. 3 guests include Doug Arthurs (Pine Bluff Variant) and Glenn Moshower (Aaron Starkey in All Souls).

Happy viewing. Hey with The X-Files not reapperaing til next year any small pleasure will be accepted.

Added Tuesday, October 3, 2000
News Stories
There were a number of interesting articles that appeared in overseas newspapers over the weekend. Firstly, the Gillian Anderson story from the London Evening Standard (see below) also appeared in the Scottish Sunday Herald newspaper. There was a story in the UK newspaper The Observer called The Truth is Out There. Thirdly, The Palm Beach Post had a story titled Doggett & Scully?

The Palm Beach Post story is no longer available on that website unless you become a subscriber. You can read the story on my News Stand though.

Next Update
Hey ... my trip this week was cancelled at the last minute so here I am again.

Added Monday, October 2, 2000
Harsh Realm
Chris Carter's short lived third series Harsh Realm is beginning (in Melbourne and Sydney and presumably Australia wide) on Channel 7/Prime at 12:15am late Friday night/early Saturday morning October 6

Gillian Anderson has a voice-over, and I Lance Henriksen from Carter's Millennium also appears.
ThanX Ray.

X-Files Bonanza
For those with Foxtel or Austar, news that The X-Files will be screened every day during October. For a list of episodes, check https://www.angelfire.com/ms/NOOBEES/FOX8.html

ThanX Cath

Next Update
I'll be away from home the rest of this week so the next update won't be until Saturday. After that I'll be on holidays so updates during October will be sporadic.

Added Sunday, October 1, 2000
Why Gillian is Staying Put
I've added an article titled Why Gillian is Staying Put from the London Evening Standard to my News Stand.

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