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October 2001

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Added Wednesday, October 31, 2001
Parental Guidance
From Lucy, as posted to Duchovny Forum:
This week's NW has a section on parenting and kids growing up with famous parents. Amongst all the talk of the divorces affecting kids (Tom and Nicole, Alec and Kim etc) the "bizarre" (Michael Jackson), and the drug abuse causing probs (Robert Downey, Paula Yates etc) is a section called:
'Parental Guidance'.

There are some celebrity parents who tr to give their children a normal upbringing. Take Téa Leoni and David Duchovny. Téa says her whole attitude to showbiz changed after the birth of Madelaine West in April, 1999.

"I used to be very insecure about my acting, but after the baby the fears disappeared, because there's nothing Hollywood can take away from me that means more than David and Madelaine," she says. "Motherhood means you dispense with your personal ego."
There is a very small pic of the trio.

Added Sunday, October 28, 2001
Magazine News
Issue #59 of The X-Files Magazine (UK) has been available in Australian newsagencies for about a week. It contains some good stories on season 9, David Duchovny's departure and The Lone Gunmen plus some guest star news.

Lucy also informed me that there is a photo of Tea Leoni in the hair section of the November Cosmopolitan. The November issue of the teen magazine Smash Hits has a brief review of Zoolander giving it a 5 star rating. The latest issue of TV Zone (No 142) now at newsagencies has an X-Files article.

The Faculty
I hope everyone saw Robert Patrick in The Faculty that screened on TV last night. Sorry for those who missed it but I wasn't able to post anything here beforehand.

Added Wednesday, October 24, 2001
This week's Woman's Day has 2 photos of David Duchovny with daughter Madelaine. Also, New Idea has 2 pages of photos of DD with Madelaine, one where he is with Cindy Crawford and son Presley. A short article accompanies the photos including one about Tea Leoni and the take-a-hike for cancer charities.
ThanX Lucy.

Planet of the Frohikes
Tomorrow's The Lone Gunmen episode is titled Planet Of The Frohikes: A Short History Of My Demeaning Captivity.

Added Saturday, October 20, 2001
Magazine Update
There is a photo of Tea Leoni in the latest issue of Who Weekly.

The latest issue of the UK magazine Hello, now at newsagents, contains 3 photos [including this one] of David Duchovny at the recent Malibu triathlon and a brief article. The Hello online version contains a little more information than the print issue.

New X-Files recruit Lucy Lawlesswas on Entertainment Tonight last night in the US. This should air on TV here (channel 9) on Monday. A brief clip of Gillian Anderson on Entertainment Tonight last week can be downloaded from the GAWS site for those who missed it.
ThanX Lucy.

Movie News Update
On ausxfnews, Fiona has given an update on some future movie and video relases. I've added some additional news and comments.

Gillian Anderson's The House of Mirth is due for release on January 16, 2002. This is a month earlier than the previous February release-date announcement. The movie should be available for rent and purchase on both VHS and DVD.

Annabeth Gish is in a new film, called Race to Space, due for release here in January. That movie, based on real life events about training a chimp to go into space, had big aspirations when it was being shot, but it went straight-to-video in the US last year.

Jurassic Park 3 starring Tea Leoni is also being released on video in January.

Further to my news on September 1, David Duchovny's new movie has had a chnage of name. It is now titled The Art of Negotiating a Turn. It was going to be called How to Survive a Hotel Room Fire. Filming starts in November and Miramax wants to release it in March 2002.

David Duchovny will also be seen in the upcoming Run, Ronnie, Run, a comedy starring David Cross. The movie is filled with cameos including Ben Stiller, Jeff Goldblum, Garry Shandling, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Production has wrapped on Ignition starring Nicolas Lea. It will go direct-to-video in the US in November. Bill Pullman also has a starring role while in the cast are Hrothgar Matthews (3 X-Files episodes including "Talitha Cumi"), Doug Abrahams (5 X-Files eps. including "The Field Where I Died") and Sean Campbell (from the "Teliko" episode.)

Take A Hike
There's an article at ninemsn about Tea Leoni taking part in the recent Take-A-Hike for breast cancer awareness.
Thanks Clare on ausxfnews.

Movie News Update
David Duchovny recently recorded a Public Service Announcement on tolerance towards Arab Americans in light of the September 11 attacks. You can read an article about it at Yahoo.
ThanX Mark.

LGM Update
I've added Like Water for Octane (includes an article), Three Men and a Smoking Diaper and Madam, I'm Adam to my Lone Gunmen Episode Guide. I've also added two articles to the page for the Pilot episode.

Thursday, October 18, 2001
Madam, I'm Adam
Tonight's episode of The Lone Gunmen is "Madam, I'm Adam".

Added Sunday, October 14, 2001
I've added another Australian site, The Bunghoneyians, to my Links page.

Fire In The Sky
Robert Patrick can be seen in a starring role in the alien abduction movie Fire In The Sky next Saturday, October 20 on channel 7 commencing at 11:25pm. The movie is based on the real-life Travis Walton abduction.

Saturday, October 13, 2001
CC Birthday
Today is Chris Carter's birthday.

Thursday, October 11, 2001
Three Men and a Smoking Diaper
Tonight's episode of The Lone Gunmen is "Three Men and a Smoking Diaper".

Added Monday, October 8, 2001
Photo Watch
The latest Who Weekly (out last Friday) has a full-page photo of David Duchovny emerging from the swimming leg of the 15th Mautica Triathlon in Malibu. He came 441st out of 890 finishers while Australian's Michelle Jones was the first woman home in 13th place. There is also a full page photo of Gillian Anderson on page 16 of the same magazine -- the photo is the same one used for the cover of the Sun-Herald Television magazine of March 4 this year.

There is also a triathlon photo of David Duchovny in this week's NW magazine.

A photo of David Duchovny (with former Chicago Hope actor Peter Berg) at the premiere of the new Bruce Willis/Billy Bob Thornton/Cate Blanchett movie "Bandits" can be seen on the Hello magazine website. The print issue of the UK mag with the photo should arrive at local newsagencies later this week.

There is a trailer of Zoolander on the Coming Soon section of the Birch Carroll & Coyle website.

There are some awesome new photos [15 of them] from season 9 (no spoilers) plus a video (which I haven't watched ... so it could contain spoliers) on The X-Files Official Site.

ThanX Lucy.

Added Tuesday, October 2, 2001
There is a photo each of David Duchovny, Tea Leoni and new X-Files recruit Lucy Lawless in the current issue of In Style magazine.
ThanX Lucy.

Season 9
I'm sticking to my policy of no spoliers on my site, but for those who just can't help themselves, the season 9 promo aired in the US on the weekend. You can view it at the Roadrunners website.
ThanX Thomas, SLS and Lucy.

Added Monday, October 1, 2001
Message Board
Got a message from Little Miss Nicap, a regular at TEN MB, to advise that the entire Newtork TEN website has been shut down for redevelopment in the new year. That also means The X-Files MB's have been closed but there is good news. The TEN MB moderator has kindly created a new home with the same 3 MB's plus the bonus of a chat room as well!

The new home for TEN MB X-PHILERS is...


Site Update
Not much happening again lately. There was no episode of The Lone Gunmen last week, the long awaited episode titled Like Water For Octane will finally air this coming Thursday.

Lyle reports that the upcoming release of "Existence" on DVD and VHS (on November 14) is to be in widescreen format, and will contain a Krycek character puzzle card and character profile, as well as two never before seen scenes which were deleted from the 'Existence' episode, which served as alternate endings.

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