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OK, You, or your friend, saved You some money by building your own web site
(these days it could even be the neighbor's sixth grader).  You saved even more money by hosting it for "Free" at Yahoo's Geo Cities, or some other online host. Maybe even on your own ISP's host server but now you have the convoluted Internet Address (URL) of something like this:

Wouldn't it be nicer to have a Domain Name

that fits your business AND fits on your

Business Cards and Letterhead?

How about:


ALSO have ALL these different E-mail addresses:


Well you get the idea.


It works a lot like telephone "call forwarding".

I Can Help You Get 

and Re-direct it to Your actual URL.

ALSO You Get to Have E-mail Addressed to:

forwarded to your actual E-mail address.

You Can Have this level of Professionalism 

for only $30 per name per year.

Yes,  some businesses actually have

SEVERAL different Domain Names

all pointing to the same web site.


Domain names may end .com , .net , .US , .info , .biz , or .name 

Let's get going on YOUR Name Now!

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have already agreed upon for you!

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