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Independent Marketing,
 Advertising, and Sales Consultant
Imagine, being able to concentrate on your customers and telling all the Advertising Sales Reps that interrupt your work daily to "Call Paul". Then you go on with doing the job of running your business. Meanwhile, I field all those annoying calls and co-ordinate ALL of your Advertising and Marketing. Thus ensuring continuity of your Marketing Message and maximum return from your advertising dollars. 


"One Entrepreneur Helping Others"

After a decade of building and running my own successful small business, I realized that I enjoy building a business more than I enjoy running a business. I sold Call Paul Trees, Lawns, and Gardens and entered the world of advertising sales. Always willing to share what I had learned over my years of seminars, courses, and good old trial and success, I too often found that when I was selling signs, I was giving away a tip on how my customer could more effectively place their newspaper ads. Or when I was selling radio, sharing with them how to get more bang out of their yellow page bucks. It soon became apparent that many entrepreneurs need a coach to help them wisely invest their advertising dollars much the same as they need a financial advisor to help them invest their retirement dollars. I now assist a number of small to medium sized business owners in planning and investing their advertising and marketing dollars to achieve the maximum results with whatever budget they have to work with. I provide my clients with a single source solution (or clearing house) for ALL their advertising and marketing.

Web Site & Computer Consulting
by a Successful Marketer
NOT a "Computer Geek"!

Whether You Need Ad Copy for a Flier, a Newspaper, a Yellow Page Listing,  a Radio Spot, or a Full  Blown Four Color Brochure, I am here to help You Communicate why People Should Call You, in a Manner that Makes them!

E-Mail and Direct Mail Marketing
From the Creation of Compelling Copy
to the daunting duty of Database Management.

Signs are by far the best value in advertising.
Your nearest prospect is right outside your door. Exterior signage identifies your business to those looking for you and/or those looking for what you sell. Interior signage boosts impulse sales and your bottom line. For some great help in sign design, selection, and usage click on the sign at left.

Sales Training
You know your products and services are good, and that your customers will be happy once they buy from you, but do you know how to convey that to them before they buy? As a Top Salesman, and more importantly as an Award Winning Sales Manager, I have helped train many others to improve their sales, their margins,  and their Customers Satisfaction.

#1 District Sales Manager
My Wall of Sales & Sales Management Awards


 Paul W. Hartnägel
a.k.a.  Stache 

Phone (603) 732-6026

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