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days to June 30th, 2004, the school year end for CHASE SC.

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All homeschoolers, and home schools should consult their attorney, or HSLDA for all legal matters.

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The School Year

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Homeschoolers under the third option have the freedom to set up their school year in any manner they please, because the school year does not need to conform to the traditional school schedule of August-May.

For instance, if you wanted to school year round you could school 5 days a week for 3 weeks and take every fourth week off. This year round plan would still leave you with 4 extra weeks for Christmas and/or vacations.

There are 365 days in a year (366 on Leap Years). You may choose to homeschool on any day of the year.

However to help maintain records and close out files at the end of an instructional year each association has a year ending date in which you should have your 180 days completed by.

Homeschoolers moving to SC from out-of-state, year round homescoolers, those with a personal crisis, or family emergencies usually can receive an extension on a case by case basis from their third option association. You should present your situation to your association to receive any extension or exception.

Additionally, each homeschool chooses the hours in which they will homeschool. Some families prefer to school early in the morning, some in the afternoon, some in the evening, some do a split day schooling approach, and some will use a combination which will vary throughout the school year. Each homeschool, and the students that are within that homeschool are unique, we are lucky that we can do what works best for our families.

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Make sure to stop by our home page for lots of other great home school resources. Standardized Testing, Special Needs Homeschooling, Learning Modalities & Styles, Timeline Information, Portfolios, Questions About Diplomas, GED, and Transcripts are just a few of the resources waiting for you at our home page.

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~ Free Forms For Home Schools ~

You don't want to miss out on this great resource, there's nearly 200 Free Forms for your homeschool!

Be Prepared, Evaluations, Assessments, Report Cards, Planners, Goal Sheets, Sample Letters, Transcripts, High School Course Credit & Syllabus, Diplomas, Journals, Logs, Checklists, Traveling Through Time Timelines, Other Helps for the Homeschool (Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies), Postcards, and Getting Organized in Your Home are the categories you can choose from.

Q. Can you provide other forms on your web site?
As time permits, we would be happy to serve you with as many forms as we can. Please email us and let us know what you'd like to see,

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